Feelgood Grooves: Ben Westbeech “Something for the Weekend”

There’s nothing better, in my opinion, than sipping a latte, reading a good book, and grooving to the sounds of a feelgood grove in the background. That is probably my favorite thing about Autumn. I love to just curl up in a comfy chair and have my Ipod dock on full volume, serenading me with the euphoric rhythms of soulful house.

A soulful song isn’t quite complete without the addition of a soulful voice and that is where UK singer Ben Westbeech fills the void. His soulful voice has made him an exceptional singer that can be somewhat compared to Jamiroquai. Yet he isn’t trying to be like Jamiroquai (another favorite singer of mine.)

Ben Westbeech has this captivating soulful voice that is perfect for those feelgood moments. Not only does he have a great voice, but get this, he is also a trained cellist. I first ran across him a few years ago when I was listening to the Yoruba Soul remix of “So Good Today.” The mix is one of those songs I often find myself jamming to early in the morning and walking around the house dancing. You ever have those days when you just wake up and feel amazing? There is no explanation for it, you’re just overpowered with joy.

Those feelgood days are pretty regular for me, probably because I wake up and the first thing I do is turn on some soulful house music. The sounds of music resonating throughout the room always take me to a place of serenity and if there happens to be some delightful soul vocals, then I’m even more content.

Ben Westbeech has mastered the art of producing and gracing us with feelgood vibes for those moments in life when we need a pick me up or just want to smile for miles. His forthcoming album There’s More to Life Than This will be released on Strictly Rhythm Records in September and it promises to be a soulful house and disco infused delight. There is a great collection of songs on his second album, including “Falling,” a song with Rasmus Faber, and a great disco-house feelgood track called “Something For the Weekend.”

“Something For the Weekend” is one of those tracks that you can’t help but to love. It can sort of peace you out and get you in a playful mood, especially if you watch the video. There’s nothing like having a fun and flirty pillow fight, except I’d probably only pillow fight with one guy and not two. But, eh, it’s Ben Westbeech. With such a powerful soul voice, I’m sure this British hottie can attract quite a few women. But in any case, the video is still a fun and flirty delight and his voice will ring in your head even once the video ends. I’ve already listened to the song a few times and I still can’t get enough, I love Ben Westbeech!

©Jasmine McGee



6 thoughts on “Feelgood Grooves: Ben Westbeech “Something for the Weekend”

  1. I have just come across this post and I agree with everything you have said apart from the only one, 3up is a good weekend in my opinion 😉

    Love Ben Westbeech’s soulful sound and I am also a fan of Jamiroquai and seen him a number of times and there are some similarities but love the not overly commercialised sound from ben.

    I work for myself and when feeling or lacking the motivation I just put on a bit of uplifting sounds like Mr Westbeech and it soon gets me going.

    Check out some of his DJ mixes for some uplifting/funky house sets.

    Thanks for the post

    All the best

    1. Hey there,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Yes, I agree, Ben has a less commercialized sound which totally works for him! I’m loving the new direction he is taking underneath the alias Breach. Some really good music, especially “Jack.”

      Have a great weekend!

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