The Book People

It seems the closer I get to graduating, the more expensive textbooks are getting. I just purchased my books for the Fall semester and spent well over $300 bucks. Luckily had better prices on used textbooks than the book store, but it is still ridiculous how expensive textbooks are. I used to vigorously complain about the price of textbooks (still a little annoyed with the costs)all the time but I’m thankful I at least have a reason to buy textbooks.

Since I’m an English major, a lot of my classes this semester are classes on grammar, fiction writing, creative writing, and a graduate class on theories of language. It wouldn’t be an English class without having to read a healthy collection of books. For one of my classes I had to buy four books on the topics of language and grammar. Even though it’s a lot of tedious work, I’m actually looking forward to cracking these books open and starting classes on Monday. I’m also glad that summer is coming to an end and the neighborhood kids will be back in school.

Seriously, a lot of these middle school kids and high school kids need to utilize their minds and appreciate academic enrichment. I’m only 20 years old, but I graduate early from high school and I graduate from college in Spring. I spent most of my high school years devoted to reading books and taking pride in my studies. Books were a world I could escape into, especially in a short amount of time. I always read on a high reading level since my early days in elementary school, so reading a 300 page book only takes a few hours. What can I say, I love to read! I know that school and academia may not be fun for everyone, but at least pick up an enriching text every once and awhile.

Reading is a great way to enrich the mind and focus on something else aside from television, videogames (even though they are awesome!) and other activities that might not require much critical thinking. Lately I’ve been reading quite a bit and have gotten completely wrapped up in Douglas Adams’ classic Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I bought the deluxe edition which includes all five books into one binding, it’s about 800 pages. It’s a great book! The first page immediately pulls you into an excellent sci-fi tale that feels real. I love the movie version with Mos Def, but the book is also a jem. It’s one of the few books I’m currently reading. I can’t help but to always have a few different books I’m anxious to read or working on, I’m a book lover!

A great thing about having an abundant appetite for books and being a self proclaimed book lover, is the fun process of shopping for new bookshelves. For years my family have been known as the “book people.” We are always getting a massive amount of books arriving from and every month it seems we are buying a new bookshelf. Our bookshelves aren’t as fancy or unique as the staircase bookshelf to the left (how cool is that?!) but they hold over hundreds of beloved books.

Earlier today I actually had an intervention discussion with my mom and she wanted to share her concerns regarding my bookshelf “situation.” Basically as we get ready to move, I’ve packed up all my books and moved my bookshelf downstairs. I ended up having about four medium size boxes containing probably over 100 books. My mom couldn’t understand how I’d have so many books on just one shelf, but I made it work. Yet it looked messy. I couldn’t fit half my books and had to pile stuff wherever I could find space.

My mom and dad (book people) had discussed my book situation and decided to give me three of their dark chocolate bookshelves (the best kind!) I thought it was hilarious that my parents actually had a discussion about my bookshelf situation and were gravely concerned that I needed more space for my beloved book collection. I knew my book collection was beginning to grow at an alarming rate, but I didn’t think it required serious conversation. Yet, I was ecstatic at the news of getting three bookshelves to place in my new bedroom. I know it’s geeky, but I don’t care, I’m a geek!

My room is always filled with books and house music CD’s lining the shelves. House music and books are probably two things I couldn’t imagine being absent from my life. My favorite thing to do is to stare at my bookshelf, pick out a book, turn on some soulful house, and curl up on the bed. I then crack up a book and zone out for hours while I immerse myself in the power of words. This is a regular event at my house. When you live with a bunch of book aficionados, then your bound to end up going hours, perhaps days not seeing each other or having in depth conversations. Everyone gets in their own space and focuses all their attention on reading.

My family is an artistic and eccentric blend of cool geeks and I love it! We can laugh, cry, and share those beautiful moments in life, but the best moments are when we go shopping for new bookshelves. Deciding between maple, mahogany, or white bookshelves is truly the epitome of family bonding.

©Jasmine McGee


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