Dreamy “White Nights”

Last night I found myself perusing YouTube and listening to some music from Passion Pit and Friendly Fires. I discovered Passion Pit’s music over a year ago and a few months ago fell in love with Friendly Fires song “Skeleton Boy.” Even though I got off into writing about hip-hop, my musical tastes are far more abstract. I still listen to some good hip-hop every now and then, but I’m enjoying this continuation of my musical journey, a journey that consists of finding more unique artists with eccentric messages.

While spending a few hours on YouTube listening to music, I was led towards the release of Oh Land’s new video for the song “White Nights.” I’ve listened to her music in the past and love the pop/chill-wave sound of her voice. She has her own unique flair for music, sort of reminds me of Lykke Li and Roisin Murphy. Nanna Oland Fabricius, known by her stage name Oh Land, is this experimental Danish singer-songwriter. She spent a good amount of the year opening for Katy Perry and has captivated a lot of music lovers with her dream like music.

Her new video “White Nights” premiered the other day and it speaks to the dreamer inside each of us. The video is a series of dreamlike states. Nanna finds herself waking up in unusual surroundings and journeying through a dreamlike world that reveals itself in an array of visually stunning shots.

The concept of the video is innovative. It shows off the avant-garde zest that corresponds with the vibe of Oh Land and her music. Whether it’s a shot of Oh Land riding a regular horse and wearing a unicorn tusk, or a shot of her dancing in a Native American costume; the video provides stunning visuals that are quirky, fun, and remind us that music videos don’t have to always be cookie-cutter visuals to accompany the music.

Oh Land’s music is fun and “White Nights” brings out the childlike imagination often buried beneath layers of societal conformity. It’s okay to dance around and let you’re inner creativity and childlike zest shine. I read in an interview with Oh Land and discovered that the song is actually inspired by New York City. She said that, “I have one song called “White Nights” which is specifically about New York, and that song is about those nights where you just don’t want to go to sleep because there’s just too much to take in, too much inspiration, and the police car sirens and the noise and the traffic almost get like a mythological meaning and a call, like the sailor and the sea.”

There is often so much going on in the world. Instead of stressing about all the noise and so much going on, why not explore it and derive inspiration from it. Life can be some mundane and routine, but with artists like Oh Land, we are reminded that some days you have to break the silence and unleash your inhibitions.I love Oh Land’s music and her fresh approach to basic concepts of love, life, and enjoy those moments that can either make or break your attitude. All of us could use a break from the stress and an escape into a land of revisiting inspiration, a world of tantalizing dreamy “White Nights.”

©Jasmine McGee



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