It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It

I’ve never been the type of person to exactly follow social protocol. I’m far from a social assassin like Mr. Larry David, but I’m usually off into my own world. Sometimes I over analyze basic situations and other times I just completely “go for it.” Yet, my undeniable efforts always end up in a funny and random conversation.

I remember about two weeks ago I was at Target buying Fight Night Champion. I was getting as a gift for my brother, just wanted to do something nice for my big bro. It was really crowded and seemed everyone in the electronics section was waiting for some type of help. Finally after waiting, my mom went and found this short but cute light skin guy. He grabbed the game and handed it to me. My mom decided to walk off and told me to “handle it.” Whenever something needs to be done or a situation looks like it requires one of us to deal with it, my mom and me will simply give each other a quirky look and say “handle it.”

Well, needless to say I “handled it.” I ended up meeting the guy at the counter and I could feel myself towering over him. He was 5’6”, so compared to my 6ft frame, he looked like a child. We had this awkward moment while he scanned the game, then he said “I need your ID.” A normal person would have probably handed it to him and call it a day, but not me. I began asking him why it was so important and randomly talking about my height. He complimented my height and said “well little girls are getting taller.” LMAO wtf? Little girls are getting taller? I had no idea, maybe I should observe the ratio of heights more often (yea right.)

Long story short, we ended up bantering back and forth in a flirtatious yet awkward conversation. I told him he was short and then told him I was 20 and I don’t see why he needed an ID. Then he asked me how old he looked and I guessed 25, he had a grown man face on a small frame. Come to find out, he was actually 19. We bantered some more, laughing, flirting (nobody was in line, the people that needed help seemed to linger around televisions) and then I ended our conversation by telling him my plans for the night to play video games. It was just more awkward random conversation, but he was able to hang with me. I met up with my mom and she said “What was all that?” I laughed and said, “yeah, that happened.” She began laughing and replied, “Oh, it happened, can’t take you anywhere without you chatting up some guy.”

I have this habit of randomly getting in humorous conversations with strangers. I remember one time chatting up a white guy at JC Penney’s and talking about the beauty of black women and their bodacious butts. Haha, that was a great conversation! I suppose in some ways I’m slightly awkward but in a cool way. My theory is life is too short to always wonder what you should or shouldn’t say. I’m not awkward to the point where it’s rude, but I do like to engage in conversation and use my witty sense of humor to charm people.

Being awkward at times is a gift and a curse for some people, but “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” truly shows the ups and major downs of being awkward 24/7. A friend of mine sent this show to me on Facebook and after watching it, I realized I’m slightly awkward. I’m always finding myself in interesting situations that can be described as “awkward.” Yet “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” is the epitome of being awkward and does it in a hilarious way. It’s one thing to be awkward and random, but on top of that being far from the “normal” black girl; now that makes for a hilarious series of events.

It would be hard to sit here and describe the show in detail. I mean you’ve got the baby voice nigga, the awkward white guy, an evil office chick, an awkward Indian girl, and a gay guy that is racially insensitive. All those make for a great web series that shed light on being awkward. I happened to watch the show with my mom in one sitting and we both could relate to everything. There’s nothing wrong with being awkward, own up to it. The same goes for people that are jerks, if you’re a jerk/dick then own up to it. Lol commit to the title!

If you’re awkward or appreciate awkwardness, then check out Issa Rae’s “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl.”

©Jasmine McGee


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