The “No Pressure” Date

I haven’t been on a date in forever a month, there just haven’t been any guys that have caught my eye. I’ve flirted with some cool guys out and about, but most of them end up being on the short side. I enjoy engaging in conversation with random people, but it’s rare that I’ll meet a guy that perks my interests. Then on the flip-side, when I do meet a guy who catches me eye, he ends up putting so much pressure and thinking down the line to our wedding. It’s fine to think like that in your mind, but … Continue reading The “No Pressure” Date

Ghost Perks, Airstrikes, & Pure Pwnage

Let’s have some gamer talk. In the world of video games you’ve got stone-age, bronze-age, iron-age, and pwn-age. Pure pwnage (pure ownage) is the ultimate level for any gamer. It’s the point in a round of Call of Duty or Gears of War when you are just totally serving up some pure pwnage. It can take some time to concentrate and be a lethal master of pwnage, but it’s not impossible. On a good day, with lots of concentration, I’m able to get a decent kill count of up to 27 on Black Ops. Not the best, but not the … Continue reading Ghost Perks, Airstrikes, & Pure Pwnage

It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It

I’ve never been the type of person to exactly follow social protocol. I’m far from a social assassin like Mr. Larry David, but I’m usually off into my own world. Sometimes I over analyze basic situations and other times I just completely “go for it.” Yet, my undeniable efforts always end up in a funny and random conversation. I remember about two weeks ago I was at Target buying Fight Night Champion. I was getting as a gift for my brother, just wanted to do something nice for my big bro. It was really crowded and seemed everyone in the … Continue reading It’s Okay, You’re Awkward…I Get It