My Final Thoughts on Multimedia Composition

Those of you who have been reading my blog throughout the summer, may recall the few posts related to my multimedia composition class. They may have appeared random, but they were apart of my Engl 3084 class online with the University of Colorado.

I came into the class with an expectation of not knowing much about multimedia, but all my experience in film, writing, art, and design proved to be beneficial. I learned how to take my wide range of skills and apply them to meaningful subjects, which is why I love my blog so much. The class made me appreciate my blog much more and the power of media to spread a message.

Overall the class was a great learning experience and it really gave me a chance to highlight my skills in multimedia. I’ve taken film classes, art classes, theatre classes, english classes, and I’ve had so many experiences with utilizing visuals to make a statement. Even though my passion in life is writing, it never hurts to be a well rounded individual. You never know when you’re going to be in a position that entails you to use film, writing, math, art, and even persuasive speeches. Anything and everything will work together to make a solid statement.

All the classes I’ve taken throughout my years in college have molded me into a media junkie. I take every aspect of different classes and lessons, then I apply them to my approach to life and blogging. Multimedia composition was one of those classes where I had the chance to use visuals to explore various topics. I would have never thought of making a documentary about my brother, but the class assignment became the perfect opportunity for my brother to share his message.

I’m glad the summer semester is over, even though I did enjoy every moment of class. I’m excited about focusing more on writing in all my fall english classes, but I know the multimedia skills I have will be used in the near future. Maybe one day I can become a media warlord. That’s the purpose of my blog, to shed light on all forms of media and create a haven for other media junkies and urban nomads.

One thought on “My Final Thoughts on Multimedia Composition

  1. If we had the time and physical proximity, I’d love to sit with you and view your documentary and navigate your blog page with you right there to see where I get stuck, where I smile, where I feel absorbed and where I want more.

    I absolutely love seeing the variety of blog designs and navigation schemas in the blogs from this class!

    I felt like the theme and the pictures and the files gave me a rich and beautiful look into who you are—all posing a new (for some) and genuine process of composition. We’re all always composing, I think. I wanted to see you compose in a new medium this time around. Writing isn’t just about essays, especially not just academic essays. It’s a way to show who you are and let your voice be heard. I appreciate hearing your voice so elegantly.

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