Ihsan Bilal Drops New Music Video for “Big Band Theory”

If you happened to pick up the summer issue of D.C. based magazine Monarch, then you hopefully read my article on Ihsan Bilal. She is a gifted eclectic singer/songwriter based in D.C. and she has this awesome artistic swag.

Her debut album The Big Red Box is finally available for hungry music fans to feast on. Her hit song “Big Band Theory” sets the pace for the album and shows off her artsy personality and delightful vocals. For more information about Ihsan Bilal, check out my write up on here in Monarch’s Summer 2011 issue or on their website. http://monarchmagazine.com/magazine/summer2011/profiles/ihsan_bilal/  I wrote a few of the other bios on there as well, but I enjoyed writing about Ihsan the most. She’s awesome!

I love how she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she dares to be different. She isn’t trying to be another Beyonce or Keri Hilson, she has her own swag. Her music video for “Big Band Theory” dropped a few days ago and it is superb! I love how she actually used a real marching band in the video and shows off her fun and flirtatious side. You can still be sexy and artistic while bright colors and a flawless hairstyle.

She’s on fire in this video and shy folks can learn a thing or two from her. Don’t be afraid to get out there and let your personality shine! Ihsan isn’t afraid of anyone and she lets her music truly be outside the box. Whether you love it or hate, you’ve got to give her props for doing her thing. You go girl!!!

Peep the video and support D.C. based singer Ihsan Bilal. She’s so awesome!

©Jasmine McGee



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