A Ghastly Humid Day in the DMV

I didn’t get a chance to blog yesterday and I just got home from a ghastly humid day outside. It’s burning up outside! The Weather Channel named D.C. one of the hottest cities, which includes the DMV area. I live out here in Montgomery County Maryland, but the humidity is still on the rise. Today was so hot! The DMV is basically my hometown and I’m used to the hot summer, but today has been unbearable.

I didn’t even bother attempting to straighten my hair; five minutes being outside sweats out my hair style and my hair curls up. I love the summer weather, but it sucks when their is a hot breeze that punches you in the face. It’s so gross! I don’t usually complain about it being hot, but today was terrible. To make matters worse my mom’s van doesn’t have A.C. and the wind blowing in the car is just humid and makes you feel all sticky.

At a certain point I got so irritated I got smart with my mom, bad move. She definitely put me in my place and told me she wasn’t my problem and don’t I even dare let her become my problem. The heat had gotten to me, I couldn’t believe I got so smart with her. I apologized and then she filled up the van with gas. She came back to the van and gave me a Gatorade. She said “That should solve your problem. Calm down.” I was acting like such a little kid. It was so hot!

Now I’m back inside the nicely air conditioned house and I’m laying on my bed. I have to go workout out but luckily the treadmill is downstairs. I don’t plan on running/walking outside in this humid heat wave. I love being outdoors and a nice sunny day, but my favorite seasons are Autumn and Spring. I love a nice stroll on a September day and I enjoy a run outdoors with Spring breeze gently kissing my face. The atmosphere of Autumn weather is the perfect time to go on nice evening dates, cuddle on the couch, and have the inspiration to write a book or create an acrylic masterpiece.

I’m looking forward to colder days and Autumn breeze, but for now I’m making the best of the humidity, seeing dudes walking around in wife-beaters, and the gigantic bumble bees that scare the life out of me. For now I will sit back, drink fresh water out of my huge water bottle, and sit back and relax to the sounds of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe.” This song and video makes me wish I was at a nice pool right now. But since this humidity is so crazy, I’d rather be at nice indoor pool relaxing and just breathing…

©Jasmine McGee



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