Show Me Love: Jason Derulo Ruins a Classic Dance Hit

There are only a few major things that annoy me in life. People that nag, people that complain, guys that act like major dicks and aren’t true to their word( 70% of the men that try to talk to me), kids running around the store and bumping into me, and horrible remakes of classic songs. I’m usually a pretty calm and chill person but I can’t stand those few things I listed earlier. Complaining and nagging are something that I absolutely can’t deal with it. Figure out a solution and move forward, no need to go over and over something. Secondly, I can’t stand men that say they are going to do something and don’t ever come through. Just shut up and don’t attempt to fathom a list of things your going to do for me.

Out of all the things that bother me the most, the horrible remakes of classic songs has to top the list. One of those classic songs that doesn’t deserve to be butchered is “Show Me Love” by Robin S. That is one of the hottest dance tracks ever made and it speaks to the emotions of many women (including myself). The song is one of those songs that you can dance to and get lost in the moment, then you start singing the words and have an epiphany. While listening to it the other day and working out, I realized how the lyrics speak to my dating life. It’s one of the few songs I know all the lyrics to by heart. I sing it with such conviction and passion.It’s insane!

Robin S. truly delivers some real talk on her hit track “Show Me Love.” My favorite part of the song is when she says “Don’t you promise me the world, all that I’ve already heard/This time around for me baby, actions speak louder than words.” Man, that is the truth! Don’t just sit there and say all this stuff how I’m the woman of your dreams, you like me so much, blah blah, and then bring along a whole bunch of complicated bs. Anybody who truly knows me understand I’m not asking for a lot when it comes to the topic of dating and relationships. Just a down to earth man who is educated and ambitious, understands how to actually call someone back and not three weeks later, and a man who knows what he wants. A real woman doesn’t have time to sit and play those games.

I think when Robin S. wrote this song, she was truly fed up with the games and wanted to deliver a hot track that spread the message. It’s one of those tracks that I cherish deeply and I was pissed off when I found out Jason Derulo decided to remake it. WTF Derulo?!!! He decided to use the beat for “Show Me Love” and make a song called “Don’t Wanna Go Home.” He butchers this dance classic and as usual he sings his name as if he forget what his name is. I hate his version! I mean I understand he wanted to make some hot dance song, but you just don’t mess with Robin S. unless your Michael Mind, Steve Angello, or Laidback Luke.

Robin S. “Show Me Love” is literally my favorite song and a major reason why I love dance music. The lyrics are something I can honestly relate to. You keep putting your devotion out there and trying to be a good person, yet people keep slipping up and acting like dicks. My whole principle in life is don’t say your going to do something and not come through. I understand things happen and life throws some major punches, but at least be accountable and admit that you can’t do everything you said. Words are so easy to say, but actions speak louder than words. I’m all about giving people a chance and I still give people the opportunity to show their true colors. So in the words of Robin S. “If you’re looking for devotion, talk to me. Come with your heart in your hands.Because me love is guaranteed.So baby if you want me,you’ve got to show me love.”


Jason Derulo, shame on you for destroying a classic dance hit!

Robin S – Show Me Love (Official Music Video) [1993]

The original song accompanied by the video with all the great dancers. I bet is one fun to be on set for this video!

Jason Derulo’s “Don’t Wanna Go Home” Uggh…..he butchered this song!

4 thoughts on “Show Me Love: Jason Derulo Ruins a Classic Dance Hit

  1. It’s jokes cause he completely jacked the chorus too (Day-O). Like I get if you’re gonna sample a song, but almost doing a cover of it? Like damn, make something original. Whatcha say? That track was good before he hopped on it too.

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