My Final Thoughts on Multimedia Composition

Those of you who have been reading my blog throughout the summer, may recall the few posts related to my multimedia composition class. They may have appeared random, but they were apart of my Engl 3084 class online with the University of Colorado. I came into the class with an expectation of not knowing much about multimedia, but all my experience in film, writing, art, and design proved to be beneficial. I learned how to take my wide range of skills and apply them to meaningful subjects, which is why I love my blog so much. The class made me … Continue reading My Final Thoughts on Multimedia Composition

ENGL 3084: Final Visual Narrative and Documentary

McGee, Visual Narrative Earlier in the semester we worked on visual narratives and it was fun! I had the chance to go down memory lane and talk about my move from Denver back home to the DMV. I’m glad to be back home and I don’t really miss Colorado too much. Here is my visual narrative called “The Urban Nomad.” Be sure to check out the PDF and let me know your thoughts! Below is also the final documentary about my brother Jamile McGee and his life after So You Think You Can Dance. I had a great time filming … Continue reading ENGL 3084: Final Visual Narrative and Documentary

Ihsan Bilal Drops New Music Video for “Big Band Theory”

If you happened to pick up the summer issue of D.C. based magazine Monarch, then you hopefully read my article on Ihsan Bilal. She is a gifted eclectic singer/songwriter based in D.C. and she has this awesome artistic swag. Her debut album The Big Red Box is finally available for hungry music fans to feast on. Her hit song “Big Band Theory” sets the pace for the album and shows off her artsy personality and delightful vocals. For more information about Ihsan Bilal, check out my write up on here in Monarch’s Summer 2011 issue or on their website. Continue reading Ihsan Bilal Drops New Music Video for “Big Band Theory”

Shufflebot vs. Green Man

LMFAO has been one of my favorite groups since they first stepped on the scene and their revival of the Melbourne shuffle is becoming a cult movement. A lot of people in America were unaware of what the Melbourne shuffle was, but thanks to LMFAO it’s becoming a mainstream phenomenon. It’s hard to resist the desire to shuffle everyday, you just can’t help it! Plus, it’s a great workout! My ringtone is the Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO and every time my Blackberry begins buzzing, my mom and I start shufflin’. It’s a great bonding moment! Shufflin’ is so much … Continue reading Shufflebot vs. Green Man

Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

I originally wrote about DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend’s new song “Quarantine” on HipHopExtra, but I wanted to post a piece of it here as well. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Napoleon Da Legend, then wake up! He’s been doing big things and his lyrical prowess continues to radiate on every track he graces. Here is my post below, which can be found on Ruff Kut Videoz: Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine” Crazy Al Cayne’s anticipated project The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1: Napoleon Da Legend will hopefully be dropping soon. While fans of Crazy Al Cayne … Continue reading Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

One Drink, Now We Are Married

Single, single, and hmm…single. For so many years I kept trying to fight being single and force myself to take on the responsibility of a relationship. I was ignoring my instinct to date around, I was settling for relationships with guys I didn’t really care about. Now I find myself single and completely content. I remember seeing a Tweet on Twitter a few months ago and it absolutely explained what “single” is all about. “SINGLE is NOT a status. It’s a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” … Continue reading One Drink, Now We Are Married