“I Read Documentaries”

The title of this post alone probably deserves a few laughs, raised eyebrows, and a few “WTF” moments.I put the title of this post in quotations because, well simply put, someone actually told me that before. I can totally respect someone for admitting when they make a mistake or mixing up names, but saying you “read documentaries” is an unforgivable statement. This story begins with my adventures in dating.The dating pool of eligible black men contains an array of men with various professions and aspirations. I’ve gone out on dates with scientists, aspiring doctors, models, singers, jazz musicians,mechanics, bartenders, computer … Continue reading “I Read Documentaries”

Reflective Blog Post: The Visual Narrative

I’ve never taken the time to study the visual narrative genre, but I’m beginning to understand the importance of visual narrative story-telling techniques. We live in a society that is fueled by visual elements and the traditional storytelling elements are constantly changing. Blogs are a perfect example of visual narratives and stories being told with the usage of images. You could easily sit down and write a blog post that contains just words, but the elements of photos and video have become mandatory in our society. Unless I’m reading a book; I expect there to be visual aspects within a … Continue reading Reflective Blog Post: The Visual Narrative