Putting the Running Man on the Map: LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem”

I love LMFAO! I’ve been listening to their music ever since they came on the dance music scene. These guys are known for their crazy hair and their bright clothing and super skinny jeans. Their hit song “Party Rock Anthem” does a great job of putting the Melbourne shuffle on the map. Essentially, the Melbourne shuffle is just a faster and pumped up version of the running man. I first heard about the Melbourne shuffle when my brother got back from being on tour with Wayne Brady. He went to the Ministry of Sound Australia; him and a few other dancers on tour began cracking up while all the people in the club began doing this version of the running man on drugs.I love hearing him tell the story and watching him shuffle around the house; it’s a fun and easy dance that anyone can do, but it’s hilarious seeing my brother who has danced all around the world and is trained in so many styles sit back and do the running man. Such a sight!

If you’ve ever been to a rave or a nightclub that plays dance/electronica music, then you’ve probably seen the Melbourne shuffle. I saw their performance of “Party Rock Anthem” on the Jay Leno show ending (I was waiting for Jimmy Fallon to start, Jay Leno ran late) and I noticed Ryan and Hawk. Ryan Confidero and Hawk are from the Quest Crew, the guys who won America’s Best Dance Crew season 3. But not only are they from that show, they happen to be really good friends with my brother Jamile McGee. Ryan and Jamz where on season one of “So You Think You Can Dance?” together, so I recognized Ryan immediately.

The performance on Jay Leno was so funny to watch and Ryan was shuffling so hard. The best part of that performance was then the Shuffle Bot came out and started dancing. I just watched the video for “Party Rock Anthem” and of course Ryan, Hawk, and other members of the Quest Crew are in the video wearing crazy bright colored outfits and doing the running man Melbourne Shuffle.

If your a fan of LMFAO and the running man/Melbourne shuffle, then check out this hilarious and fun video for the “Party Rock Anthem.” Sometimes you got to party hard and keep shufflin. Everyday I’m shufflin! LOL LMFAO rocks!!!!!


I really want a Shuffle Bot. I would party every single night if my crew had a Shuffle Bot. That’s so effin’ cool!

©Jasmine McGee



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