My Hilarious Attempts at Vlogging and “The Spider Incident”

Hey guys!

So yesterday was a long day and I’m exhausted from all the laughing. I had originally planned to do another video blog and discuss some interesting dating stories, but instead the vlog took a different angle. I ended up getting distracted the first time by my phone ranging and ended up talking on the phone for awhile, then I decided to film a second time. But in the midst of filming I went downstairs and ended up having this random rap moment with my mom. We ended up making fun of rappers and acting so stupid!

It was such a fun day and the video I filmed with my mom was hilarious! I went upstairs to edit it but decided to finish filming my vlog. So I sat down and tried to film again. Everything started off great and I was excited about summer movies and the sexy Ryan Reynolds, but then a spider ran by. My eye drifted off into the corner and I noticed this medium sized black spider running by on the wall. I jumped out of camera and began saying “No, no!” I was yelling no because he was crawling on my bed and moving so quick, then he fell behind my bed and I had to call my mom for help. He was moving so quick!

So my mom helped me kill it and she was freaking out too and I ended up on top of a stool. LOL, just watch the video….The funny thing is I’m not terrified of spiders or tarantulas, I just don’t like when things move way to quick and I can’t find them. That bothers me! The great thing about this incident though, its the first time I’ve been caught off guard on camera.

I still crack up at what happened and I figured I’d show you guys the incident. So enjoy the video and hopefully I will do an actual vlog soon.

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