ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

Finally got around to doing a new vlog! I was just relaxing earlier today and decided to film a new vlog. It’s just a visual update on my life and my feelings on the arts. It’s a glimpse into my room, my opinions, and what I’ve been up to since the last vlog. Hope you like it! As usual I’m just being myself and not worried about anything other than expressing my feelings. The video speaks for itself, so I’m not going to write an essay here. hahaha!

4 thoughts on “ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

  1. whats good whats good..ur pretty funny jazzziee…and hellla nerdy…lol..lovin the art on the wall..and aye u finally let out the secret..that be wicked if you you ended up owning your own art gallery…if you do u have to have a image of me up in body is an art mom calls me walkin bilboard…oh and wanted to say word up on the hiphopextra site..i just checked it out and was krazy to see ur name 3rd as a top writer..keep it up..and aye ridin solo is where its at..ima lone ranger alot too..but i love to be around ppl…i just feel i gather my thoughts more when im u can relate too..but fresh blog..hollaaa

  2. Hey Ty! Yea I am pretty nerdy and artsy, so it would be awesome to own an art gallery! I’d have to feature your body, you’ve got so many tats!

    Hip-Hop Extra is very cool, I was recognized as the Top Writer for last month, I earned them a good amount of money and I got paid as well! LOL. Spending so much time alone is finally paying off man, but I do love being around people as well. Glad you can relate and I’m happy you enjoyed the video! Talk to you soon!!!


  3. OMG,your artwork is amazing. speaks volumes about expression through the stroke of a brush. You Vlog overall was priceless.

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