Fierce, Fabulous, Cool, and Sexy


I’ve been busy working on articles today and finishing up a painting, but I started off the morning in a Grace Jones mood. Today I was feeling so creative and liberated, so I began my workout routine by jamming to Grace’s classic hit “Pull Up to the Bumper”.  That is one of my all time favorite songs, it is truly a classic and sexy hit. You can’t help but dancing when that first beat comes on, it just takes over your body and sends you into a state of euphoria.

Grace Jones in my opinion is truly an iconic Black woman that stands out in the Studio 54 and early dance music era. She is one of the only women I’ve ever seen that can rock a fierce hightop with a fade, she is the original woman to make a statement with that style, mixed with her chocolate skin and sexual freedom. I know some women that have tried to rock that style, but I truly believe that Grace Jones is one of the few women who have successfully pulled off that style.

I’ve always been a huge Grace Jones fan, especially considering her contributions to the dance music scene. Her music is sexy and tantalizing, it just moves your body and makes your mind get lost. I’ve always looked up to her in this weird yea explainable way. Even though I’m not a dark skin woman, I appreciate how she brought beautiful chocolate women to the forefront in white media. Her role in “Conan the Destroyer” was fierce and sexy, showing that Black women can kick butt too!xiJkrHypek4f1ut6woDorpEso1_400

I think aside from the music, the swirl (she was engaged to Dolph Lundgren), and the hightop fade, she was also known for her body. Everyone knows that Grace Jones exemplifies the definition of sexual freedom, she showed off whenever and wherever yet in an artistic way. Her body was athletic, toned, and still had the curves that make us black women beautiful. She may have been on the wild side with always showing up naked and being labeled a “sex machine”, but she had a carefree creative approach and dared anyone to knock her freedom.

Grace JonersIt’s funny how I’ve been talking about Grace Jones all day and I just found out that her first album in 22 years is going to be coming out in the near future. I look forward to hearing some of her new music, I’m sure she doesn’t still look as fierce as she did when she was younger, but her music is still classic and her style is still very cool. I’m a huge Grace Jones fan, I may not duplicate her icon pose, but she does remind us how sexy and fierce black women can be.

fat_grace_jones-400x378P.S. I think this picture to the left is so hilarious! So many people try to duplicate her iconic pose, including Amber Rose and this fat guy to the left. Hilarious picture!

Anyways, I just felt like posting about Grace Jones and how I love her bold style and music. Life doesn’t have to always be so uptight and serious and you have to take the things others may not like and make them sexy. Some people often thought she looked like a man, yet she made millions of dollars off her music and showing off her body. She sure did show the haters! LOL….just be yourself and it’s okay to be daring and confidently sexy! You may not be able to pull off the hightop with the fade, but that’s alright. Find your best attribute and make it work for you. Be fierce and fabulous!

Pull Up to My Bumper

Pull Up to My Bumper (Funkstar Deluxe Remix)

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