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I’ve been in a really creative space lately, probably because the humid heat of Maryland is disgusting and I’d rather stay inside where it’s nicely chilled.  I was out in Denver for three years and was spoiled by the dry weather, even though it was hard to maintain natural hair. I don’t miss the people out in Colorado but I do miss the weather and the mountains. I love being outdoors and being active, so naturally Denver was a happy medium.

In DMV there are a bunch of parks and places to be active, but you have to deal with that nasty humid weather. Luckily I have a fitness bike in my room and usually can just do that or go downstairs and dance my ass off! I just got home from helping my mom buy a suit for my dad at Burlingtons, so I’m probably going to chill the rest of the day inside. This Burlington I went to over here in Gaithersburg was so nice! It has two floors and it’s huge, while not in an overwhelming matter. I love helping my mom pick out suits for my dad and professional clothes, I read GQ every now and then and . That blog is great for men’s fashion and style, especially for those men who are lack in the fashion department.

SAM_2159Now that I have this new workspace in my room (that’s my room to the left and the picture above), I might actually pick up illustrating some fashion designs again. I have so many sketch tablets laying around the house, but they are all filled with drawings I’ve forgotten to shade in or put on display. For many years I’ve been completing a lot of my paintings and articles from one spot on the floor. I usually grab my materials and lay down on my rug, then I put on my headphones and some house music to get lost in the painting.

I was up till 4am last night working on this painting someone paid me to do. It isn’t quite finished yet, but I did finish the background details. I always paint the background first and then the foreground last, it saves the mental hassle of trying to envision what color scheme to use.  I enjoy painting but I want to work on perfecting a contemporary pop art style, which is why I’m going to the Smithsonian tomorrow for some much needed inspiration. I will blog about that experience tomorrow, so I’m going to blog more about that and my favorite painters tomorrow.

It feels good to have this new desk and the option to write without always laying on my bed or the floor. I think every artist and writer should have there very own unique workspace. Mine is simple for the time being, but in the next few weeks I plan on adding more pictures and knick knacks that make it say “Jazzy”. I spend a lot of time in my room and just off in my own little creative world listening to music and expressing my emotions through a combination of hues and words.

I go through these phases where I love being surrounded by people and then I get exhausted and just want to be by myself. More and more everyday I’m realizing how much time I spend by myself, but I’m accomplishing so many things in this time. I devote so much time to my school work, my writing, and my art, but in the end it will all pay off. I have a big dream that I want to make come true, but I have to put some things in place. My goal involves a lot of creativity and it’s something I don’t talk about much, especially because in the past people have just shot it down or didn’t really care. So I keep my real dream to myself. It’s never been a dream of mine to be some big shot writer, but more along the lines of a dream involving the arts.

Red-SonjaI write because I love it and apparently people enjoy reading my writing, so I don’t plan on ever quitting. If I happen to get some big shot job as a writer, then great! But I’ve got a lot of goals to accomplish, which is why I’m glad I finally have this workspace. I plan on doing some more video blogs really soon and I’m also beginning to get off into these female superheroes. I love drawing strong women who can kick some serious butt! I need to keep drawing and cultivate my artistic ability.  One day I’d love to do a painting of some serious chick doing major damage with swords and mighty fists….that would be cool! Ms. Marvel 042

I’m going to grab some pencils and go draw for awhile, I’m feeling inspired and it’s not like I’ve got a lot to do right now. As usual I’m in my own world of creativity and pure imagination, which is a marvelous place to be!

©Jasmine McGee


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