Martin Solveig Must Really Love Sports

I’m a huge fan of Martin Solveig and love his French approach to life, love, and music. From his song “Hello” to his new song” Ready to Go” ft. Kele from Bloc Party, he seems to have this intense passion for sports. His video for “Hello” featured another personal favorite, Bob Sinclar. One of the best dj’s in the world, not the number one best but one of the best.  In the video the two are playing a tennis match, while Dragonette sings the lyrics and the beat continues to cheer on the tennis players.

Each of his recent video’s seems to have this recoccuring theme with sports, so I’m assuming Martin Solveig loves soccer and tennis. I always wanted to be a great tennis player, but volleyball was more of my sport. Who knows, maybe once I get through all this school work and have some free time this summer, I will pick up swimming lessons again and tennis. Swimming has been a passion of mine, especially since my mom had me take lessons when I was young. One day once I’m some successful writer or editor, I will make sure I have a house with a pool. Not only is swimming fun, but it’s a great work out. I love being active and playing sports, I need to take up a sport and join an adult league once I graduate. That would be pretty cool!

A lot of people love sports, but Martin Solveig seems to enjoy playing tennis and I’m sure he enjoys soccer as well. In his new video “Ready to Go”, Martin Solveig decided to film it at the Stade De France (National Stadium of France). The video isn’t too bad, it shows off his quirky personality, but the most important thing is the song. This song is actually on my workout playlist and I love it!

Check it out!

Another favorite song of mine, Martin Solveig “Hello” ft. Dragonette

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