SNL Digital Short Ft. Michael Bolton- “Jack Sparrow”

I occasionally watch SNL every week and my mom also records it on the dvr. While watching last nights episode of SNL on dvr today, I couldn’t help but crack up at the digital short. Lonely Island is known for their hilarious and upbeat songs, but their latest song featured Michael Bolton.  Lonely Island’s album comes out on Tuesday and it features all of their hit songs, including “I Just Had Sex” and “The Creep”.  I also just found out that their song from last night episode of SNL will be on the album as well. It’s a tribute to Jack Sparrow featuring the legendary Michael Bolton. Believe it or not, I’m have an interesting taste in music and love Michael Bolton, Michael McDonald, Phil Collins, and George Michael. I’m also a huge Kenny G fan, especially when he is playing sax and Michael Bolton sings.

Michael Bolton is one cool white dude! He used to be a looker back in the day and at the age of 58 he still looks good. Of course I wouldn’t date someone who is that old, but I’m just saying he is a pleasant-looking man. Most black men I know are often shocked when I say a man of another race is attractive, but what can I say? I love all flavors of men, so I don’t just limit myself to black men. But that is a post for another day….so seriously, check out his voice. It’s so sultry and reminds me of an 80s love story. His voice is what makes Lonely Island’s “Jack Sparrow” song so hilarious. The song actually isn’t that bad, I like it! Check it out and if you don’t know who Michael Bolton is…shame on you!

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