Jill Scott’s New Single:So In Love ft. Anthony Hamilton

Pure fire! This track is an ode to all the lovers out there. Not just the friends with benefits and the occasional pity dates, but those who are deeply in love with that individual that is as essential as the air you breathe…now that’s some love. Jill Scott released “So In Love”, her first single in four years this week and her fans (including myself) are anxious to see what else she has in store on her upcoming album Light of the Sun. The first moments of the track entice you and prepare you for that good home cooked meal, that soul music. Anthony Hamilton’s melodic crooning is an ode to men out there that is cool to be in love.

Not only is this a wonderful track to brings to life the emotions so many feel yet can’t grasp the words to say, but it has a beautiful cover that is reminiscent of those old school slow jam album covers. It takes us back to the days of songs talking about being in love and not always talking about how good she is in bed and how banging a body is. There is more to life then that and Jill Scott shows that with this song.

Neo-soul is truly music that makes the soul feel good and Jill Scott exemplifies what it means to be a neo-soul singer. “So In Love” with you is a song for all the lovers out there and even those who are single, the single folk who desire to one day have the amazing love sensation. I haven’t even been in the mood to listen to any love songs at all or deal with anything relationship related, but this is a great song and I couldn’t deny the power of the words. This song sheds light on what it feels like to be so in love with someone, so in love that “First thing in the morning/when I open my eyes and see you/I feel like a breathe of air/I feel like I can fly/and I can get by/any obstacle that comes my way/cus of your love.”

Now that’s true love….breathtaking.

©Jasmine McGee



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