Deep Sugar: The Residents Keepin’ it Deep

Tall, short, skinny, big, black, brown, white, gay, straight, transgender, old, and young is what house is about. In a follow up to my introductory article, Deep Sugar: A Main Ingredient, I had the pleasure last night of attending the Paradox in Baltimore for the first time. I grew up in Baltimore County, Owings Mills/Pikesville to be exact, but I never really spent much time going out to clubs and I wasn’t old enough to get in the Dox. My brother on the other hand, had been going out to the Dox since he was 16 and brought forth such energy.

Watching him dance is an amazing experience. When he hears a house song that touches his spirit, he goes into his own zone and people form a circle around him. I love it! He grew up dancing in the clubs and took everything he learned and applied it to his professional career as a choreographer. When he goes dancing, he isn’t trying to battle people and people aren’t battling him. It’s all about the music and last night was all about the House that built jack. For those of you not accustomed to the “Dictionary of House”, jack is that feeling you get when the music is good and it moves your body. So you “jack your body”. It’s this uncontrollable and undeniable feeling that overwhelms your body and sends you into ecstasy.

Last night was an amazing night filled with non stop “jack your body”. It took us an hour drive to get to Baltimore, but we left around 10:30pm and got there about 11:50pm. Normally we don’t go out dancing so early, but we needed to get that $10 deal before midnight instead of paying $15 after midnight. Money is tight nowadays, but the house makes you forget all the bills. It wasn’t crowded at all when we walked in the Dox, yet we didn’t care. Jamile,Angie,Sam( my white brother), and I immediately took our spot in front of the dj booth and started dancing. It was impossible to ignore the deep sugar sounds of the pure house vibrating throughout the room. As it got a little more crowded (maybe ten people or so) Lisa Moody and Ultra Nate gave me a shout out. “Jasmine McGee is in the House!” It felt so cool, even though it wasn’t crowded, but to hear my name shouted out, I felt so special!

So of course we walked up to the deejay booth and met Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody. It was such an amazing experience. While most people want to meet Halle Berry, Tyra, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Kanye, etc, I’ve always wanted to meet an influential person in the house scene. So meeting the legendary international dance sensation Ultra Nate and dj extraordinaire Lisa Moody was an experience of a lifetime to me. I have a lot of people on my house list to meet, including Crystal Waters, Dennis Ferrer, Osunlade, Kerri Chandler, Frankie Knuckles, and Barbara Tucker, but last night was definitely one of the best nights I’ve had dancing so far.

I honestly can’t tell you much about everything that happened last night, because I was so lost in the music and dancing all night. I remember this gay guy grabbed a trash can and was humping the life out of it, but it was okay because sometimes house makes you do off the wall things. It’s all about the music, it didn’t matter. I remember seeing some awesome vogueing and dancing from a cool guy named Jonathan B Knox. I’m not sure exactly what he does, maybe he’s a promoter of DeepSugar or something of that sort, but I do know he is friends with Ultra Nate and Lisa Moody, and he has such a vibrant spirit about him. House music is a music of love. I felt so much love last night dancing with my friends and family and hearing Lisa and Ultra Nate tell me how beautiful it was that someone as young as myself loves house and knows the history…man that touched my heart.

While everyone in middle school, hs, and college were busy knowing all the latest hip-hop and r&b songs, I was busy becoming a house dictionary. I would find songs, write them down, memorize the artists, and store them away in my brain. But there is so much house out there I don’t know about yet I’m progressively learning every day. I owe a lot of my passion for house to my brother Jamile. If it wasn’t for him giving this green Cd he burned with tracks from Cajmere on it, a cd which I still own and its about 6 years old, then I would have never been exposed to the classics of house.

The reason I love house so much is because it was always my own world I could escape into. One guys treat me like crap, when school stresses me out, when females end our friendships over petty drama, and when I’m left standing alone… I know that I’ve got the Lord by my side and house. In the words of house legend Carl Cox, “House is a Feeling. If you feel nothing, it isn’t house.” Deep Sugar and the resident djs Ultra Nate, Jerome Hicks, Lisa Moody, Thommy Davis, and Dj Soulgiver bring that statement to life. The residents at Deep Sugar know how to play a track and mix it into another track that moves parts of your body you never thought of moving. House will have you wailing your hands in the air and screaming a deep “yes”. What can I say? That is what house music is all about! So don’t be afraid to let the music entice you and make you “jack your body”.

Deep Sugar is becoming one of my favorite events in the Baltimore Night Club scene. It’s my monthly dose of house. If they had Deep Sugar more than once a month, I’d probably die from all the dancing. Deep Sugar…it’s that serious!

Shout out to Lisa Moody, Ultra Nate, Thommy Davis, Jerome Hicks, and Jonathan B Knox. You guys are truly what Deep Sugar is about and I hope to continue being that young house junkie that passes this knowledge and love onto those within my generation one by one.

Have a great week ahead everyone and remember “house is a feeling. if you feel nothing, it isn’t house.”


©Jasmine McGee


Jack Your Body by Steve “Silk” Hurley

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