Frosty Fresh

You ever just have a craving for something specific and nothing else will satisfy? Whether it be to go out dancing, play a certain videogame, buying some new clothes, or eating something specific, we all get faced with these random cravings. I’ve had raging cravings so bad before that I can’t do anything else until I get what I want, especially when it comes to food.

I’m not big on eating obsessively and over indulging in a certain food, but I do have a pecular taste and like what I like. A few weeks ago I had this random urge to eat sushi and couldn’t get it off my mind.No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the thought of delicious sushi out of my head! My mind likes to play games with me sometimes and push me to do something random. It’s like I will be sitting somewhere daydreaming and then get this desire to go fulfill a part of my daydream. The past few days I’ve had this urge to fly a kite and I need to buy one!

I used to love flying kites with my mom and dad when I was younger. We go out to this huge open field, run around for awhile, and then let the kite soar in the sky…of course until it got caught in this one random tree in the middle of the field. I would be so disappointed when we couldn’t retrive the kite and would have so sulk back home. Luckily we never invested in any expensive kites, my parents liked to keep it cheap since it would probably end up getting destroyed anyways. haha gotta love parents!

Hanging out with my mom always results in some hilarious noteworthy story. Last night happened to be one of those hilarious noteworthy stories and it all began with a Frosty.

Frosty #1

My mom had went to Trader Joes earlier in the day and then went to Wendy’s to pick up some lunch for us. I hadn’t had Wendy’s since Colorado and wasn’t really thinking about it. However, I did have a craving for a milkshake of some sort but a Frosty puts the milkshame milkshake to shame. The chocolate Frosty is so tasty and delicious! I hadn’t had one in over 6 months and I had forgotten how it can mess up your food palette.

After eating part of my Frosty and putting the rest in the freezer, the Frosty madness had begun to spread throughout the house. Later on that evening my mom and my sister (my sister n law, but she is like the sister I’ve never had) decided to watch some movies. We went into the kitchen to begin the routine. Get our snacks, fill up our huge water bottles (we are like camels!), and make sure we don’t get crumbs on our blackberry’s.

After filling up my water and texting a friend back, I reached in the freezer and got my Frosty. Angie (my sis) eyes immediately got wide and she exclaimed "Oh man, a Frosty!" She hadn’t had one in a long time either and mine was frozen solid, so my mom suggested we go to Wendy’s and get her one, my dad one, and another one for me since the other one wasn’t Frosty fresh. I mean the Frosty still would have tasted good but the idea of having a fresh one that wasn’t frozen and still had the frosty fresh quality had me running up the steps, putting on some leggings, a shirt, hoodie, and slipping on some flip-flops.

Our 95′ astro van (what scooby and the gang know about that!) has been having problems lately and breathes really loud as if it’s going to cut off. So we decided to just walk through our neighborhood over to the shopping center and get some Wendy’s. Angie and me had our flip-flops and legging outfit on,while my mom had on some sweats and Adidas jacket….we looked so cute and comfy! It only took about five minutes to walk through the parking lot past Marshalls and some other shops.

Frosty #2

Once we had finally gotten to Wendy’s and pulled on the door, it was locked! We didn’t know that the inside of the Wendy’s closed early and the drive thru was the only thing open till like 2am. We were so upset and we looked sort of crazy. I was saying "oh man, this sucks!" and Angie was adding in her "boy, this isn’t cool, I want a Frosty!". We had the look on our faces we get when breakfast closes at McDonald’s and you show up 2 minutes before the cut off…it wasn’t a good look!

Now my mom is a go getter and she was like "I’ll just go through the drive thru and you can make car noises." Hahaha I was like "really mom? Yea I can imitate the astro van" and then I started making these loud humming noises. To be honest, we looked like we were on some type of drug and really high, but that is just our personalities. Across the street were some people sitting at the bus stop, a white girl in a halter top and some black guys pulled up and were upset Wendy’s was closed, and two black guys came across the parking lot and were standing in front of Wendy’s. A lot was going on at 11pm on a Friday night near an elementary school. Everyone wanted Wendy’s!

My mom and Angie waited for this nice silver car to finish their order and pull around. Angie and her walked up to the drive thru speaker and my mom said in a ghetto voice "Can I order through here?!". LOL I was cracking up! I remained posted at the drive thru entrance and fiddled with my blackberry. To make things even more hilarious, cute little Angie (she’s like so short compared to my mom and me) walked over and yelled in the speaker "Can I order here, we just want Frosty’s!"

While I was cracking up and had my hand on my hip, the guy who ordered in the silver car pulled up in front of me. He said "Do you want me to order for you guys?". At first I was caught off guard. He was this handsome Puerto Rican guy and reminded me of this married guy back in Colorado I liked but then found out he had a wife  (he was very sexy though lol). I was laughing and explaining to him that we walked over and didn’t know the drive thru had closed. I asked him why he had driven back around and he said "I had to! I heard you guys talking and was cracking up so much that I had to help." My mom and Angie had finally walked backed over and my mom told him he was so kind. She told him "You better not drive off with my ten bucks, I got your license number!" She was kidding of course and he began blushing and laughing, then he replied "Well I don’t have anything else better to do and oh boy 10 bucks would change my life. Just kidding, but seriously I don’t mind helping you out at all."

So this Puerto Rican hero drove through the drive thru, ordered our Frosty’s, and came back with our exact change. But while he was waiting, this random white guy came across the parking lot and tried to open the door to Wendy’s. He then said "man what the fuck!?" and looked as us. My mom was like "It’s sucks right? Can’t even get your late night Wendy’s fix." He then made up some story( he seemed so sneaky, doubt he even had a wife) about his wife and how she wanted Wendy’s, but he was kind of creepy and hitting on my mom. He asked us if that guy would get us Frosty’s but my mom was like "I don’t think he would."

The white guy walked off somewhere and then the Puerto Rican guy pulled up towards us and we began clapping and cheering him on. We all thanked him and I thanked him once again for being so nice. I told him "Your such a charming man, thank you so much for being a sweetheart. Awww you’re so nice!" He began laughing and blushing, said it was no problem at all and my mom decided to let him keep the change. She told him if he wanted to make more money the white guy was wanting Wendy’s and he said "Nah, sounds like too much work.I did it just for you guys." He smiled at us and we wished him a good evening. I told him "This will make a great story for you to post on Facebook" and he replied "haha yea I’m so going to post this". Then he drove off and the three of us cracked up as we held our Frosty’s and walked back towards our house.

But before we left, the white guy came out of nowhere and was like "You got to be fucking kidding me, you guys got Wendy’s." My mom looked at him and laughed, "Yea that guy was so nice, he just left. Oh well, hope you figure it out." We began walking off and then he tried to chat my mom up, talking about his wife was going to be upset if he didn’t come back with Wendy’s and then he wanted to know what we were getting into. I guess he wanted to hang out with us and some other stuff with my mom (ewww!) but my mom wasn’t having it. He said he needed a new set of friends and my mom was like "What, did you hang out with crackheads?" Then he actually said "No not crackheads, well something like that but never mind!" HAHAHAHA what a weirdo!

So we walked back to the house and kept talking about the story. My mom said the Puerto Rican guy was trying to holla at me…and yea he was. He was so sexy! Man, wished that story had a different ending.

But In the end it was a hilarious story and one that we won’t forget. All that madness just because we wanted a Frosty and I wanted a new Frosty…one that was Frosty Fresh!

©Jasmine McGee


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