Skin Bleaching, Self Hatred, and Addictions…

Last summer in Denver I was enjoying the summer heat while embracing the skin I’m in. However, I ended up getting a few annoying pimples and some dark acne marks left on my face. I’m not one to get caught up on dark skin or light skin, even though most guys say I’m light skin but I’m more of a caramel tone with some mocha highlights, but having dark spots on my face was something I wasn’t down with.

So I went to Walgreens and bought a small tube of Ambi. My mom explained to me it that it was fade cream which could be use to even out a complexion and remove marks. Of course, this is before I found out that Clean & Clear has a acne mark treatment which does wonders! I used Ambi for a few days but I did some research and found out that it can also be used to lighten more than just a few areas.

After using it for a few days and doing some research on skin bleaching and lightening techniques in the black community, as well as other ethnic communities, I decided not to use it anymore. I know it has a good intention in removing dark spots, but it’s sad how it can get abused. I remember Tyra did an episode about skin bleaching once and showed women who bleach their young daughters skin as well. The topic of skin bleaching and even the usage of lightening effects in film and photography aren’t a new topic, but one that I’ve never really discussed on my blog.

My Strange Addiction is a show that comes on TLC (The Learning Channel). I must say for a learning channel, TLC always has some off the wall shows. A few months ago I started watching I Didn’t Know I was Pregnant and learned a lot of new things! Some of those stories are so off the wall, especially when a few of the women gave birth in the toilet and thought they just had to take a crap. My Strange Addiction may not involve babies being born in outlandish situations, but some of those addictions are insane. The latest episode featured a 19 year old woman named Candice who bleach her skin. It wasn’t as weird or painful as the guy addicted to eating light bulbs, champagne glasses, and bullets on a daily basis, but her addiction still had unhealthy side effects.

While I was watching her story I couldn’t help but feel a little compassion for her. She felt that since she was young she was unattractive because she was darker skin. We live in a society that is based off of looks and so much pressure is placed on level of attractiveness in comparison to the media. Living in such a shallow society it has a tendency of sneaking up on those with even pure intentions. When I first saw her story, I realized she was very overweight and thought that she shouldn’t be obsessed with her skin, but focus more on the detrimental health issues associated with carrying so much weight.

As I began to watch more of her story I began to feel sorry for her. It’s a shame that she is so caught on being a lighter complexion and thinking that will make her attractive. No matter what size or complexion you are, there has to be a sense of positive self esteem that start’s within. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance yourself with weight loss, implants, cosmetics, etc but honestly you have to love yourself and examine why your doing those extreme or drastic measures to alter yourself.

I knew a few black girls in high school that attempted lightening themselves, dying their hair blonde, wearing green and blue contacts, and even talking with a “valley girl” dialect. It’s not a good look and it’s not being true to yourself. I know that not everyone has a strong support system or internal confidence to maintain a positive body image, but hating yourself in the long run can lead to more serious problems.  In the case of skin bleaching, many skin bleaches have mercury which can lead to neurological and kidney damage. Is it really worth having kidney damage just so you can say your light skin?

My Strange Addiction explores many addictions and leads to the start over some fascinating conversations and debates. Every episode dives into the deeper issues with each individual’s addiction and the psychological ramifications of their actions. It’s one thing to sit and judge someone on these shows because of their weird addiction, but when you look at the context of the situation it can really shed some light on why they indulge in such dangerous and weird habits. Another interesting thing about this show is the family support and social support that is present, yet some of the individuals continue to practice their strange addiction. Even with a little a bit of love and warnings, some of the people have addictions that are borderline obsession…

Check out the video below, including the guy who eats glass and bullets.  I don’t know a lot of people who eat glass and bullets, but I do know people with some interesting addictions. Do you have any strange addictions or know of any? Feel free to share!

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©Jasmine McGee


3 thoughts on “Skin Bleaching, Self Hatred, and Addictions…

  1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    It is very sad to see people striving for such a false beauty that they are willing to risk their health. Everyone is beautiful and we need to constantly remind people of that.

    Stay beautiful and have a great weekend!


  2. First of all, I really enjoyed reading your article. I have been studying about skin whitening/brightening cosmetics and have come across with some shocking truth about some of those ingredients used in popular cosmetics.It cause birth defects, cancer, liver failure etc. After reading your article and what I have been discovered, I have decided to stay away from those too. I hope many people will read your articles and realize that beauty comes in many forms, shapes and colours!

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