Start the Day the Right Way: House Tracks 4 Body n’ Soul

Good afternoon!

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week, because Friday isn’t too far away. I used to always get so anxious in school when Wednesday came, that meant the school week was almost over and I didn’t have to wake up so early. A long tradition I’ve had for quite some time, is starting the morning off listening to some house music. It really gets my soul and body pumped up for the long day ahead.

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of house and music lovers that seem to read my blog, my posts on house music get over 100 views a day, not including my home page and other articles. Wow! Thank you guys so much for being regular readers and checking out what I’m talking about each day. House music, even other dance and electronica, are genres of music that get me in a great mood! I was never quite sure what to talk about when I first started this blog, I used to mainly focus on dating and other social commentary. But I soon learned that a successful writer is passionate about what they write, so they should write about the things they love.

I’m not just a writer, but I’m an artist, actress, and into filmmaking. I’ve got a few projects that I’m working on beyond they keyboard, so stay tuned for more visual projects coming to a Youtube page near you.

I hope everyone is having a great day and enjoy the songs!

Umboza- Cry India

All I can say is….classic!!!!!! What a better way to start your day, then chanting that your a dreamer?

Livin’ Joy- Dreamer

Feel So Good Today (Yoruba Suite Remix)- Ben Westbeech

I’m not a big fan of the original version of this song, but that house music serves it justice. I play this song a few times a week, waking up and singing "I feel so good today".

I know a posted a Cajmere so a 2 weeks ago, but Cajmere does have that classic house that lifts me up! "U Got Me up" has this old school jumpin jive sound that gets your body shaking!

Everytime I see Her Another Chance (Sound of Eden)

This one is a mix of house music, but also has a slight dance sound. Still it’s definitely a song that helps me get my day started.

Future of the Future- Deep Dish

U Got Me Up- Dajae (Cajmere Underground Goodies mix)

©Jasmine McGee


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