Grime…grime…and um yea more grime!

I’m a huge fan of rappers that rhyme on top of electronic/dance music. That’s probably why I’ve always been a fan of grime music, I’m able to enjoy the lyrics and dance like crazy to an insanely dope beat. When I first listened to grime I really hated it, but it’s grown on me the past few years. Some of accents on certain tracks are still a little too thick for me, but for the most part I’m starting to really like grime. For those of you who read my blog on a regular, you’ve got the sense that my music taste if all over!

Videos below from some of my favorites.

I heard this song by Tinie Tempah when it first came out in the UK, and then yesterday I saw it on MTV…I’m like that came out awhile ago! lol America catch up!

©Jasmine McGee


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