Napoleon Da Legend:Tribute to Big Pun

Last week I introduced you guys to one of the DMV’s most recognized rappers, Napoleon Da Legend.  Known for coining the term “reality rap”, Napoleon Da Legend doesn’t hold anything back on the mic. The music is his canvas and the lyrics become his brush, ultimately creating a unique piece of work to put be on display for the world to experience.In his music he is able to defy the impossible and become a hip-hop superhero. The entire concept of music allowing paramount freedom of expression, is one that NDL’s hold true to his heart.

One of his most widely acclaimed lyrical realizations can be seen on his tribute to Big Pun. ‘Deep Cover’ 2010 is a harmonious lyrical remix between Big Pun and Napoleon Da Legend. The flow is amazing and wordplay heightens Big Pun’s original rhymes.

Check out some behind the scenes footage with Napoleon Da Legend and be sure to watch the official video. In the same way that Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the most studied men in history, NDL is sure to rewrite history and become a historical figure in hip-hop. Napoleon Da Legend has a name and lyrical flair that is bound to circulate amongst the masses for generations to come.

Behind the Scenes

Napoleon Da Legend “Deep Cover” Big Pun Tribute


©Jasmine McGee


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