Reality Rap: Napoleon Da Legend

It would be a great disservice to discuss the pure quality of DMV hip-hop, without mentioning Napoleon Da Legend. This avant-garde rapper from the DMV, which is known for pumping out some of the best hip-hop voices of our generation, has become a national and international sensation. He has performed shows from the East Coast to the West Coast, and even Europe isn’t immune to the vibrant lyrical skills of NDL.

He has coined the term “Reality Rap”, which is adverse to the “labels” and stereotypes attributed to most rappers. His music is like tea without the sugar, every rhyme Napoleon Da Legend spits is stunningly methodical. NDL has been featured on Crazy Al Cayne’s “Spit in the Whip”, which is a segment that allows rappers to showcase their liberated talent. After watching the first few moments of that video, it is clear the Napoleon Da Legend is a lyrical beast.

His track “Jewelz Part 2″ was his first single off his widely acclaimed EP ” The Myth or the Legend”. The track is pure fire! It showcases NDL’s ability to rap on social issues and still maintain a bravado that men respect and women find attractive.

You may have heard of Napoleon Da Legend through his reputation as a viral sensation with his track ‘Deep Cover’, which was a tribute to Big Pun. NDL is on his grind, pushing forward to make big moves in the hip-hop scene.

When I asked him what his goal was with his music, he replied “For all hip-hoppers to know about my music and put out quality groundbreaking music for the world to hear.” It’s refreshing to see an artist passionate about the cause and not trying to become the next millionaire. His reality rap creed, has paved the path for NDL to focus on producing quality material that audiences can relate to.

Napoleon Da Legend is bound to be one of the next great hip-hop connoisseurs of are generation. His tantalizing lyrics, mixed with superior beats, are bound to be legendary. Be sure to check out his video “Jewelz Part 2” below and stay tuned for more award winning music from one of our generations contemporary hip-hop heroes.

Jewelz Part 2

Spittin in Da Whip!

©Jasmine McGee


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