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Awesomesauce | ‘The Walking Dead’ Michonne Resin Statue [Pre-Order Today!]

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and it should be yours too. How could you not join the bandwagon of epic zombie killing, complex characters, and the ultimate struggle to survive? The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on AMC, and one of the coolest characters is Michonne.

Without a question of a doubt, Michonne is legit! She does her thing with the swords and shows no mercy when it comes to zombie slashing. Watching her kill zombies is truly like a new art form of swordsmanship, and I do hope that Rick decides to let her stay around this season.

michonne_resin_statue_2In celebration of her awesomeness and the new season (which premiered last night), McFarlane Toys is selling only 1500 pieces of a truly limited-edition Michonne Resin Statue. 

The statue, which is hand-signed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, is a disgustingly (which I’m totally digging) epic depiction of Michonne killing two zombies. I could sit here and describe it, but my words can’t even do the picture justice; check out the pictures below!

Oh, and if you’re wondering the price. It’s $295. Not in my budget right now, but it’s still pretty awesome to at least look at! Collectors, start your frenzy now. Pre-order here. 





Sci Fi Clustery Jibber Jabber!

So I’ve been thinking about starting my own Borg. You know, my own massive legion of mindless robotic monsters in space bent on  turning everyone into mindless robotic monsters in space. You’ve seen Star Trek. Space Zombies! I want space Zombies. I’ve been thinking about this probably longer than would make people comfortable, but that’s only because you’ve gotten the negative side. Let’s be honest, Star Trek was kind of biased with the whole thing. Granted the borg murdered a lot of people. I get that, I really do, but those people did sort of get in the way. What would you do if someone just got in your way?….Well I’m guessing you wouldn’t murder them that would be a little extreme, but you would take action! They could’ve not gotten in the way and no one would’ve died and then they would’ve become awesome borg too! My logic is kind of untouchable.

I don’t really want borg. I don’t think. I’m actually not sure. I haven’t thought through it enough to form an unflinching opinion. Let’s just say I’m open to the idea. There are theories out there that if we continue on the path we’re going technologically, we’re all going to become some massive telepathic intertwined thing that will probably be bent on galactic domination that can only be stopped by a Timelord. Timelord’s can stop anything. It’s a little scary to think about though. At least for me; being telepathically linked to everyone. I really don’t want to know what everyone’s thinking. I don’t want to be walking down the street knowing everyone is disgusted by that thing on my face. That thing being my actual face! I’m saying I’m sensitive. Always have been, always will be, and also hugs are awesome, but I don’t know what that has to do with anything.

If I had a point it’s long gone. I’m not a fan of conclusions and structure or anything. I’m not a fancy scientist with gadgets and gizmo’s and such…..Am I fancy scientist? I’m pretty sure I’m not. I don’t have a lab coat anyway… I want a starship, preferably defiant class. Heck put the Enterprise D in there! Wouldn’t mind a  space station too. I could put all my cool stuff in it! I’d probably be a space pirate, because that’s interesting. I could have a light saber, and a phaser, and a sonic screw driver, and hey a stargate too! Screw it I’ll just jack everything from every sci fi thing ever made ever! Then boom! There you have it. I’ll be unstoppable, invincible, immortal, and everlasting. My reign will last throughout time and muhahahahaha’s will be had, and no one would be able to stop me!!…..except for a Timelord.

Cockneys vs. Zombies: British Folks, Zombies, and a Fight for Suvival

I’ve always been a huge fan of a good British comedy and zombies. My love for British comedy can be attributed to classic BBC shows Keeping Up Appearances and Fawlty Towers, and my love for zombies can be attributed to numerous pop culture references. 

If British comedy and zombies in the tagline for a film, then it’s probably a reference to Shaun of the Dead or a new upcoming film called Cockneys vs. Zombies. 

For quite some time I had been wondering if they would ever make a sequel to Shaun of the Dead, but Cockneys vs. Zombies is far from a sequel and it isn’t associated with Shaun of the Dead. This is an entirely different film that takes place in the East End of London, which is a region of working-class individuals that are often referred to as “cockneys.”

So you’ve got a different group of Brits, but we’re bound to see that iconic British humour and of course, zombie bashing, that made many fans fall in love with Shaun of the Dead. 

Check out the trailer for Cockneys vs. Zombies below. It looks quite hilarious!

4+ Minutes of Zombies, Intrigue, and the Awesomeness That Truly is “The Walking Dead”

Season 3 trailer for The Walking Dead…need I even say more?

Seriously, its 4+ minutes of zombies, the amazing character tension/intrigue that makes the show a hit, and just the total awesomeness that truly is The Walking Dead.

Watch the trailer! I sat in complete silence and watched it a few times. So much intrigue!

Ah, can’t wait! October needs to hurry up and get here.

Dead Island Introduces a Black Female Character

Dead Island is less than a month away and I’m so stoked! I haven’t really been playing Black Ops nowadays and in between my packing (remember, I’m moving again,) I’ve just been playing the Sims 3 and staying up-to-date on Dead Island. I wish I could just speed up the time and be standing in line at Gamestop, picking up my pre-order copy of Dead Island. Yet, I don’t have the power to speed up time. If you know of anybody that does, let me know! lol

Dead Island looks like it’s going to be a great zombie slashing game. It’s probably great for those days when everyone is pissing you off and you just want to get lost in a game for hours. If I’ve had a horrible day, then I’ll hop on Black Ops and at least get some of my anger out on the zombies. But that gets old afterwhile, so you can understand why I’m so anxious to play Dead Island.

It’s not just about shooting and slashing zombies, there is an actual story at hand. The RPG elements of the game look promising and the chose of characters is bond to make an even better experience. Characters are an important aspect of video games and the story at hand. I like just shooting and dishing out major damage, but it’s nice to have a story that I can grasp onto.

The characters in the game look great so far, but the story just got even better; they’ve introduced a fourth female character and get this, she’s a sistah. You heard it, the fourth character to choose from on Dead Island is a Black girl named Purna. Not only is she representing for the brown skin women, she has a pretty lethal background that will make the story even more interesting.

Purna is a cop turned bodyguard who left her career in law and enforcement after murdering a child molester. The fact she murdered him was a major issue due to his connections and status of being apart of the elite and wealthy, so she wasn’t praised for her “good” deed.

The character art looks pretty sweet and the in game footage of her doesn’t look half bad either. Depending upon her skill-set (one of the  RPG elements of the game,) I will probably make her my character of choice. I always thought it would be cool to have another strong Black female character in a video game and with a name like Purna, sounds like she is not one to mess with.

From the gameplay footage I’ve seen thus far, Dead Island looks pretty awesome! Like most games I’m sure it will have it’s faults and those hard core game geeks that will give it less than satisfactory reviews, but that doesn’t phase me. Dead Island isn’t just another Left 4 Dead zombie slashing game, it relies more on those RPG elements that make videogames more fun to play. I like to feel as though I actually have decisions to make and playing RPG games places me in that role. You never know, Dead Island could be good practice to cultivate your survival skills and be prepared for the day zombies attack. I’m just saying, it could happen!

Check out the First 20 Minutes of the Game, which was released by MTV a few days ago.

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