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The Sultry Vocals of Malayasian Singer, Yuna

I ran across this video the other day while reading The Awesomer, and at first I thought it was a relative of Erykah Badu. But then I did a lot more researching and realized that even though Yuna has that Erykah Badu vibe, she is actually a Malaysian singer with sultry vocals.

The reason I immediately thought of Erykah Badu is mainly because of the hijabi that Yuna wears. But she doesn’t rock it for style, she is actually a devote muslimah. She’s still a newcomer on the scene, but her track Pharell Williams produced track “Live Your Life” has put her on the radar in the past few months.

“Live Your Life” has this nice soulful vibe yet it’s still bouncy and gets you in the mood for some smooth swaying. She’s got such a sultry voice, and she is also quite beautiful. I could tell from her features that she might have been Malaysian (I’ve had a few Malaysian friends in the past,) but I wasn’t too sure.Β  But yes, Yuna is Malaysian and she grew up in Malaysia. She started out singing and playing guitar while she was attending law school. But now she lives in Los Angeles and is making a career as a soulful singer and a fashionista with a clothing line.

You can check out her clothing line by visiting her official website.Β  And if you’re looking for a nice soulful song that is inspirational, then you’ll want to put “Live Your Life” on repeat. It’s such a beautiful song that can take a dull day riddled with insecurity and turn it into a riveting vision of dreams worth chasing.

Live Your Life

Someone Out Of Town

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