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Galatic Beats: M&D Productions “The Galaxy Awaits….”

Every now and then I’ll get assignments for http://www.hiphopextra.com. Usually I just post hip-hop now and then, but lately I’ve been writing more on my own blog. I really enjoy meeting different artists and discovering their music, but it’s rare that I get to write about a team of producers that provide the beats us fans love so much. When I write about house music and a variety of dance music I’m usually discussing the producer who made the song anyways, but when it comes to hip-hop the focus tends to usually be the rapper that brings the beat to life. But in order to bring something to life, there needs to be someone to create it.

That is where M&D Productions come in. They are a duo from Louisiana that produces hip-hop tracks for artists. I can’t really say their music is the typical “gangsta” hip-hop that some strive for. Even if a rapper with a raw/gangsta style decides to rap over there beats, it’s still hard to turn such a surreal track into a gritty reality. M&D Productions produces a lot of tracks that have this abstract sound infused with a solid hip-hop vibe, which is basically what you hear on their latest project The Galaxy Awaits….”

The project is an eclectic combination of smooth hip-hop beats that intersect a dream-like atmosphere. Mr 08 & Deviation, the producers that make up M&D Productions, did a pretty good job at making beats that can be used by a variety of different artists with various styles. One thing you can truly say about their beats is that they can’t be confined to one usage; a singer could lay down some majestic vocals, a rapper could spit some mind shattering rhymes, and perhaps a bohemian spoken word poet could set a poem to it. Basically, it’s good music, good sound, and quality production.

If you are an artist looking for some beats, then you really ought to check out M&D Productions exclusive free project The Galaxy Awaits….For more information visit their bandcamp and also read my original article on HipHopExtra.com.  http://hiphopextra.com/2011/11/on-the-rise-md-productions/


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Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

I originally wrote about DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend’s new song “Quarantine” on HipHopExtra, but I wanted to post a piece of it here as well. If you haven’t been keeping an eye on Napoleon Da Legend, then wake up! He’s been doing big things and his lyrical prowess continues to radiate on every track he graces. Here is my post below, which can be found on http://www.hiphopextra.com

Ruff Kut Videoz: Napoleon Da Legend “Quarantine”

Crazy Al Cayne’s anticipated project The Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol. 1: Napoleon Da Legend will hopefully be dropping soon. While fans of Crazy Al Cayne and Napoleon Da Legend are anxious to see what the two have in store, Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne have dropped yet another video to ease the anticipation.

Napoleon Da Legend’s “Quarantine” is a track with an old school vibe, which can be attributed to the fact Crazy Al Cayne made the beat in 1995. The track is yet another powerful and hard hitting song from DMV rapper Napoleon Da Legend. On the track NDL (Napoleon Da Legend) drops some conscious rhymes about the reality of life in the streets. His lyrical prowess shines on yet another fresh beat by Crazy Al Cayne and it reminds us why we love Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne so much.

The concept of life in the streets being equated with a “quarantine” is simply genius. Napoleon Da Legend always has a fresh spin on mainstream topics in hip-hop. He doesn’t bring forth the typical mainstream hip-hop swag, but rather a methodical approach to rhymes and his swag. The originality of Napoleon Da Legend is a perfect fit for the eccentric Crazy Al Cayne.

It’s nice to see yet another smooth video from Crazy Al Cayne and NDL. If this video is any indication of the direction in which The Sugar Cayne Experiment: Vol.1: Napoleon Da Legend is going, then true hip-hop fans will be even more anxious to cope their hands on this original mixtape.

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ThinkSoul25 Episode 5: “I’m Back”

Finally got around to doing a new vlog! I was just relaxing earlier today and decided to film a new vlog. It’s just a visual update on my life and my feelings on the arts. It’s a glimpse into my room, my opinions, and what I’ve been up to since the last vlog. Hope you like it! As usual I’m just being myself and not worried about anything other than expressing my feelings. The video speaks for itself, so I’m not going to write an essay here. hahaha!