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Riise Up Dance Productions


Hey there all my readers/followers and those within the DMV dance/music community, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

My brother, Jamile McGee, is opening an awesome new dance studio right here in Annapolis, Maryland. Yes, that’s right, his own dance studio! Continue reading Riise Up Dance Productions

DANCE | Jamile McGee – Solo Freestyle [House x Freestyle]

Many of you might know me as ThinkSoul25, but my full name is Jasmine McGee. And if the last name BeFunky_10861_182166719479_516549479_2881425_333032_nMcGee sounds familiar, then perhaps you’ve heard of the name Jamile McGee. Maybe you saw the first season of Fox’s hit tv show “So You Think You Can Dance?” and you recall that Jamile “Jamz” McGee won 3rd place. Since then, he’s danced around the world, including teaching hip-hop in Japan this summer.

I moved to Los Angeles to stay with him and find my own path out here in Cali, but since moving here I’ve had the chance to spend so much time with him and actually help film him dancing. I went to San Diego last week and filmed him teaching a Master Class, but yesterday I had the chance to just film him dancing and getting down to house music; no choreography, just ultimate freestyle and soul.

This video below is just one of the many to come. Each week we will try to put up more videos and showcase different spots in Los Angeles in which Jamz will be freestyling and just getting down to the music. If you love what you’re seeing, then please do contact him for Master Classes, lessons, and choreography. Follow him on Twitter @jamilemcgee and contact him on FB @ www.facebook.com/Jamile.McGee


A Must See: Jamile McGee Dancing on The View w/ Gloria Estefan

I usually don’t watch The View, but today I actually sat down and watched an entire episode. The episode was pretty good, but the best part was seeing my brother, Jamile McGee, having a blast dancing on stage with Gloria Estefan. The performance was awesome! He had so much fun dancing and he said Gloria Estefan is such a sweet person. I can totally imagine that. She doesn’t seem like the type of musician who would be a diva and act like everyone beneath her is a peasant. Some musicians and celebrities act like that, it’s disgusting.

Gloria Estefan is a great musician and she seems like such a nice person. I’m glad my brother was able to perform on The View with her today and he was able to make it look so effortless. Her new song “Wepa” is such a fast paced song, but since my brother has been dancing all his life and around the world; it was a breeze for him.

Check out the fast paced performance below and be sure to support my brother Jamile McGee. Follow him on twitter @jamilemcgee and be sure to take one of his dance classes if you live in DC or Maryland. He is such an amazing dancer and has such a beautiful personality. I can truly say that I have the best brother in the world and I can’t wait for him to get back from New York so we can play PS3 together. Shout out to my brother Jamz, love you so much and congrats on dancing on The View with Gloria Estefan. You rock!!!!

Watch the video!!! Jamile is the tall Black guy wearing the plaid shirt I helped him pick out at Burlington and a trendy blue sweater from H&M. One thing I can say, is that my brother has a great sense of style. Baggy clothes have never been his thing. He has travelled around the world and has seen so much culture, so he has a amazing style. We have to go shopping together soon!

ENGL 3084: Final Visual Narrative and Documentary

McGee, Visual Narrative

Earlier in the semester we worked on visual narratives and it was fun! I had the chance to go down memory lane and talk about my move from Denver back home to the DMV. I’m glad to be back home and I don’t really miss Colorado too much.

Here is my visual narrative called “The Urban Nomad.” Be sure to check out the PDF and let me know your thoughts!

Below is also the final documentary about my brother Jamile McGee and his life after So You Think You Can Dance. I had a great time filming with him and the family, but I’m glad the process is finally done.

Reflective Post: Life After Reality Television

As I approach the final two weeks of summer classes, I’ve begun preparation for my documentary. I’ve chosen to do a documentary about my brother Jamile McGee and his life after being on “So You Think You Can Dance?” In 2005 he wowed audiences with his amazing dances moves on the first season of SYTYCD and six years later he has a wife, a passion for choreography, and a dream to live a stable yet exciting life.

I found this subject interesting because many people over the years have always asked me about his career and what it’s like having a brother that is rich. Whenever people find out my brother was on SYTYCD, they always assume his must be rolling in money. The life of a dancer is one that has it’s up and downs; the glitz and glamor of reality television don’t ensure riches.

I personally know a lot of my subject for my documentary; I mean come on now, I am his only sister. I’ve helped him out a great deal. From managing his social media sites, networking, helping him with his website, and just being a support system; I’ve been there through all the years.  Within the allotted time I will inquire about life after reality television and show my audience that reality tv doesn’t guarantee fame or happiness.

This documentary is going to be concise. I have done some research about life after reality tv and also this obsession with desiring fame. So many people want to be in the public eye and be famous, but it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Reality television sucks. It’s fun to watch but the aftermath is brutal. The great thing about Jamile is the fact he never planned on being on reality television. He just happened to audition and from there things took off. He doesn’t like to live off his “So You Think You Can Dance?” days, he prefers to make a name for himself as a choreographer, husband, and a normal guy that loves to dance.

He may have toured all over the world, petted lions, eating fine cuisine and stayed in luxury hotels, but he is still a normal person. Jamile doesn’t have a lingering desire to be famous or on a reality show again, he just wants to make money and build a life for him and his wife.Now that’s reality.

©Jasmine McGee





DMV Welcomes Back Jamile McGee

Jamile8*It’s great to finally have my brother back in the DMV*

From dancing beside Rihanna, gracing the floor with Beyonce, working alongside Chris Brown and sharing laughs, Jamile McGee has danced with top names in the entertainment industry. Following his days on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” season one, as third place finalist Jamile has had a successful career as a dancer and choreographer.

Jamile’s love for dance has been alive since a very young age. At the age of four Jamile was always dancing around the house, mimicking the famous dance moves of Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Fred Astaire. The dance moves weren’t just a fun child hood pastime but an imprint on his soul that laid down the foundation for his destiny. But sadly at the age of nine Jamile was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and told that he was going to never walk again or live out his dream as a dancer. Unbeknownst to the doctors, it was Jamile’s destiny to dance around the world and fate had a different plan for his life. He was miraculously healed and decided to devote his life to dance.

His love for dance was molded at Wright State University, where he studied ballet, modern, lyrical, and jazz. His versatile background in dance can be attributed to his success on “So You Think You Can Dance?” a show in which dancers are taken outside of their comfort zone and every week learn new dance routines. With such an extensive background in all styles of dance, including some salsa, and years of mimicking Fred Astaire, Jamile was well prepared for any challenge that was thrown his way. During that time, his ability to dance any style was tested and proven on the highly rated national Fox TV show. He amazed the crowd with his spirited come back every week with highly energized, outstanding freestyle solos.Jamile11

The show may have put Jamile in the public eye, but it didn’t define him as a dancer. Jamile McGee taught his first master class at the age of 16 at the Peabody Conservatory for Dance and since then has had a passion for spreading his love of dance to the world. Now at the age of 26, Jamile has danced into to hearts of those throughout the US and abroad. While on tour with Wayne Brady last year, Jamile had the chance to travel the world and had exposure to culture and the arts abroad.

His love for African music, house, indie dance styles, foreign fashion, and different cuisines were cultivated while jet setting from the edges of the Australian outback, to Amsterdam, South Africa, London, New Zealand, Greece, and Malaysia. Being on tour gave him the opportunity to network with legends in the entertainment industry and birthed in him an intense dedication to becoming the best dancer and choreographer.

61972_151072384926016_132542523445669_309030_5582810_nRecently Jamile had the pleasure of choreographing for Will Ferrell’s “Funny or Die” video featuring Wayne Brady, Mike Tyson, and Bobby Brown. The video was a viral success and quickly became one of the most circulated videos on the web in 2010. When asked about working on the video and the experience, Jamile said “As a choreographer on this job, I had to watch Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step I Take” music video over and over again to prepare my mind for shoot day. I wanted to be prepared mentally to teach the steps to the guys. Overall the job went viral and it was a huge hit! It is one of the biggest video’s on the internet and still is. It IMG00018-20100915-1734was cool seeing my face on Larry King Live. It was such an honor to work with entertainment legends and the boxing champion Mike Tyson, it was a rewarding experience”

Working with Mike Tyson and Bobby Brown was a big moment in Jamile’s career, but his love for dance has given him the opportunity to work with other popular artists. In the past Jamile has worked with entertainment superstars such as Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey, Katy Perry, Keri Hilson, Nicki Minaj, and many more. His love for dance has reached a huge fan base and has opened up doors for him to work with the dance industry’s biggest choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Mia Michaels, Shane Sparks, Lavelle Smith Jr., and Laurie Ann Gibson.

Jamile has choreographed routines for numerous shows and competitions across the nation, but now he has left Los Angeles returned back to his hometown of Maryland to spread his love for dance and build a dance haven for those throughout the Greater Washington DC Metro. The DMV, which stands for the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, welcomes back Jamile McGee into their hearts. A week before moving back Jamile was honored to perform at the United States Air Force Band “Guest Artist Series” and was anxious to return back to the region responsible for his success.Jamile McGee and his wife Angie, who are now back in the DMV area to stay, are looking to open up their own dance and choreography studio. Along with looking for qualified dancers to start a dance company, Jamile McGee hopes to spread his love for dance throughout the region and give back to the community a love for dance.

He presently is teaching a Joy and Motion to develop a following. He will also be teaching master classes and workshops at a studio to be announced soon within the month of April. For more information contact him on Facebook or his blog to attend classes and for him to teach workshops at your college, studio, facility, or for special events and performances. The DMV welcomes back Jamile McGee and is honored to claim one of the nations talented dancers and choreographers. Welcome home Jamile McGee!


Jamile McGee Teaching in the DMV

Be sure to pass this along to all those in the DMV dance community!

To all who are interested in bboying, popping, and advanced hip-hop Be Sure to go to Jamile McGee’s class tomorrow. He is Teaching tomorrow at at Joy of Motion Dance Center Atlas Performing Arts. Intermediate /Advanced Hip Hop 11:30am-1:00 1333 H Street Northeast, Washington D.C 3/27/11 Come get down and sweat!!!

Other Days Teaching at Joy of Motion:

Tuesday- 6:30-7:30pm- Beg Hip Hop- Bethesda

Tuesday- 7:30-9pm- Low Intermediate Hip Hop- Bethesda

Sunday- 11:30am-1pm- Inter/Advanced Hip Hop- Atlas

Stay tuned for dance workshops and look for Jamile McGee in the new movie Lemonade Mouth Coming out April 15th in theatre’s across the nation

©Jasmine McGee