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Yeah, I Know I’m Late… | Gigamesh – “When You’re Dancing” (Official Music Video)

Not really sure how I missed this one, but I guess I been so caught up with school work & freelance projects. Slightly a workaholic, but I’m taking things slowly and learning to enjoy life. I haven’t had the chance to just chill out all day, but on Saturday I plan on spending the entire day down in D.C. The Smithsonian Art of Video Games opens up tomorrow, so I’m surely going to check that out on Saturday morning. I’ll be sure to take a bunch of pictures and blog about it. :) P.S. Mass Effect 2 is being featured, so I’m going to totally love every moment of seeing the artwork up close.

It’s nice that I’m finally going to be able to relax, but I’m still a little sour that I’m so late in finding out that Gigamesh released a music video for “When You’re Dancing.” I really like Gigamesh! He’s such a great producer, and his track “When You’re Dancing” is such a funky jam. I always knew that when he finally debuted a video for the track, that it would have to be filled with a lot of fun folks dancing. And I was right! The video features a live band jamming, folks dancing, and a leading lady dancing, enticing Gigamesh, and just being ultra cool.

I’m so sad that I’m late on finding this video, but at least I’m posting it. I’m sure some of you might not have seen it yet, so check it out below.

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