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SNL | Forget About Dos Equis, It’s All About Tres Equis!

Last night Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted Saturday Night Live and he killed it! Some of the sketches were a hit, while others were just a dull miss. But the opening monologue was an hilarious homage to the movie Magic Mike (the movie about male strippers with the sexy Channing Tatum.)

In the tradition of my usual posts, I will still post some of the sketches that had funny moments, including a few commercials such as the Undecided Voter and the GOB Tampon.But before I get to those segments, we must talk about Tres Equis. You’ve probably heard of Dos Equis, the most interesting man in the world, but have you heard of his son, Tres Equis?

Well, Tres Equis is basically the son of the most interesting man in the world(played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), except unlike the charm & elegance his dad exudes, the son is a sleazy lame dude who think’s he has everything figured out, but he doesn’t. He’s so lame! “He can almost do a 180 on his scooter” and “When he tips, he puts a negative amount and says it’s cash back.”

Check out the hilarious videos below. Out of all the sketches last night, the Tres Equis is the one that stole the show. In the second video, the father, the guy from Dos Equis, comes into the commercial and tells his son off. It’s so funny!!!!!! :)

And if you haven’t seen the original Dos Equis ads (which I think are so funny) then watch a compilation of them below.

More Sketches From the Night

Here are a few other sketches, including the opening monologue, the Undecided Voter, the GOB Tampon, and The Weekend Update.

Full Episode: Couldn’t find opening monologue, so watch the first part of full episode in the video below.

SNL | White People Problems, Chantix, Sports, & More!

I haven’t really been paying attention to the NBA lately, but I still do enjoy watching sports. As a former athlete (volleyball player,) I enjoy watching a variety of sports, but I especially enjoy the commentary. Those sports commentators say some pretty interesting( often awkward/hilarious) things, but the best commentary always come from Charles Barkley.

Half the time you never even know what he is talking about. He just seems to jump from one thing to another (one comedian said his mouth is playing Marco/Polo.) I jump around in conversation too, but it’s not quite as hilarious as the way Charles Barkley does it. So when I found out he was going to be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

Well, I didn’t miss it. I sat through the entire episode and found myself cracking up at the various sketches. Barkley’s opening monologue was pretty funny, but it was followed by this hilarious commercial called Chantix. It was an anti-smoking commercial, but it had all these random side effects that would make you want to kill the one you loved the most. All those side effects of those drug commercials tend to be so drastic, so I don’t blame SNL for taking it to that sick & twisted level.

That commercial ensues a lot of laughs, but I think the thing that cracked me up the most was the White People Problems sketch. I honestly could not stop laughing! Barkley did a great job at keeping his composure and not cracking up. The problems were so dramatic, but in actuality they were tiny problems that tend to get blown out of proportion. It was funny seeing Kenan & Jay Pharaoh give their “black” insight on the situation and how White people talk & tend to deal with problems. It was lighthearted racial humor, so guys it’s okay to laugh at it. :) And if you watch Portlandia, then you might remember the Farm sketch from season one and how the people keep asking about the chicken, where it came from, was it loved, it’s name, it’s age, etc. Well, SNL decided to poke fun at that during the sketch, so check it out.

Being that it’s Charles Barkley, the other sketches were sports related. They poked fun at the NBA on TNT commentary and how much Shaq & Barkley hate it each other. During that entire sketch Barkley & Kenan tried so hard to not laugh. There were a few moments where I thought they were going to break their focus and just bust out laughing, but luckily they didn’t.

Another sports themed sketch was the Charles Barkley App in which Barkley translates sports lingo & what coaches really mean when they are addressing the press. He makes sense of the nonsensical answers that coaches (also athletes) say when discussing the aftermath of a game. I can never understand what they really mean, so honestly it would be super cool if their was an App like that.

All in all, it was a good episode last night. Charles Barkley did his thing. There was a few sketches that I thought were boring, but the other sketches made up for that state of global boring. Haha, ya like that? It’s my new saying. I heard it on SNL’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers. Drunk Uncle made an appearance and said his usual random drunk analogies. So check that out as well. Oh, and you might want to check out the Mayan Calendar sketch as well. They basically said everything I thought; Mayans ran out of space on the stone which is why the calendar ends at 2012.

Here are the sketches below.

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