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Trap Master, RL Grime, Drops Insanely Fresh Visuals For “Core”

I never thought sub-bass trap could sound so intoxicatingly eargasmic…that is, until I heard/saw RL Grime’s fresh new video for “Core.”

The video has an 80s 8-bit vibe, which is perfect for the 808-styled track that truly takes RL Grime’s reputation as “trap master” to new heights.

Without a question of a doubt, he’s one of my favorite producers/DJs in the trap scene, and I’m totally obsessed with the innovative aura of this video.

See for yourself:


Surreal Visuals | Flying Lotus – ‘Phantasm’ (Video)

Far from the linear side of music, Flying Lotus is known for his multi-genre experimental music. So, in light of staying true to his peculiar avant-garde production process, his new music video “Phantasm” is a surreal painting brought to life.

The video, which is directed by Marcus Hofko, was shot over 2 days in New Zealand.

No crazy club scenes, no drunk girls, no lifestyles of the rich & famous, this video is a sci-fi journey of a furry creature and a holographic man.

Sounds weird, right? Well, watch the visuals for yourself.


‘Tous’ – Adventures Of A Drunk Kitty (Video)

Okay, confession time: I have never used Reddit. Why? Not sure, but it has never really appealed to my internet habits. Perhaps because it’s got a boring design to it, yet the content is so awesome! But eh, just too much work to find cool content.

However, I will admit that after seeing this video (below) from a Reddit user, I’m kind of impressed by the creativity that can be found amongst the Reddit community.

So basically, this guy who had to “cat-sit” his girlfriend’s precious cat, decided to have some fun and create a video as if the cat was drunk.

The video, which is edited to the chilled out vibes of Chrome Spark’s 420-friendly single, “Marijuana,”  has some great production quality!


EDM | R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan – ‘Revolution’ (Video)


My favorite Australian twin-sister DJ duo, NERVO, are ultimate rebels in their music video “Revolution.”

The video came out a few weeks ago (I know I’m late,) but it’s so worth checking out!

Not only is the video pretty awesome, but the song is an absolute floorfiller. I don’t think this track will be going away anytime soon, well that is until NERVO releases something bigger x better…which they are known for. So we shall see!

Gosh, I love NERVO! #EDM #dancemusic

Acid Trip | Beni – ‘Love On The Run’ [VIDEO]

I’ve never done acid (nor do I think I’d want to,) but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the loopy (and oh so trippy) visuals of Beni’s “Love On The Run” music video.

Last week I shared with you Beni’s catchy new single, but now it’s got an artsy tripped-out video.

See for yourself. :)