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Acid Trip | Beni – ‘Love On The Run’ [VIDEO]

I’ve never done acid (nor do I think I’d want to,) but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the loopy (and oh so trippy) visuals of Beni’s “Love On The Run” music video.

Last week I shared with you Beni’s catchy new single, but now it’s got an artsy tripped-out video.

See for yourself. :)

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Sweatin’ In The Spirit | Disclosure – ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ [Official Video] x Full Album Stream [Settle]



Disclosure’s new music video for “When A Fire Starts To Burn” is all about turning up the heat!

It might not be the best word ever spoken, but it’s surely got these folks shouting and sweatin’ in the “spirit.”

Featuring an over zealous pastor figure, the video has a congregation getting all rowdy, sweaty, and lost in the emotion of what happens when a fire (spiritual one perhaps) starts to burn.

Simple video, but the beat is a banger…so it works!

Watch it below and be sure to get Disclosure’s album Settle when it drops June 3rd.


LIFELIKE & TOMMI BRAVO Take It Back 2 Da Oldskool – ‘Urban Sex’ [Official Video]

imagesJust in time for #throwbackthursdays, Tommi Bravo & LIFELIKE have released a super duper oldskool music video for their new Nurvous Records release “Urban Sex.”

The old school images from 80s films and music videos might not be what comes to mind first when you think of “Urban Sex,” but this video works!

The video is so fresh, so hype, and the ultimate groove to get in a funky, spunky, perhaps let’s get down mood. Okay, maybe not all that, but hey, this video is legit!

Check out the video edited by Meat Cassette. Lifelike’s new EP will be OUT IN JUNE on Nurvous Records.

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The Art of Cosplay | Human Angle: Cosplaying The Part (VIDEO)

maxresdefault (1)Before I begin this post, let me just say that I’ve yet to actually do any cosplay, but I’m currently in the works of putting the pieces together to do a Wonder Woman photo shoot. More details to come! :) Add me on FB @ www.facebook.com/Jazei25 to follow more of my Wonder Woman talk, pictures, and fitness progress.

Alright, so now that I got that out of the way, you should check out this pretty cool short feature, Human Angle: Cosplaying The Part.

Featuring cosplayer Ger Tysk, this short video from Polygon takers a deeper (but short) look at cosplay and how Ger views it as an art form. For her, cosplay is art, not just some weird hobby of dressing up.

Cosplay is a huge culture and community of people that enjoy showcasing their work. It’s not a bunch of weirdos, geeks, and lames getting together to make a statement; no, it’s much more than that.

Cosplay is about folks getting together, having a good ass time, and looking pretty effin’ cool in whatever cosplay they choose. Can you get down with that? Because I sure can. :)


♥ | Hackman – ‘Agree To Disagree’ x Other Beautiful Sounds


It has been awhile since I’ve opened up Spotify and got lost in some music.  I switch back and forth between jamming to Pandora on my phone, and then if I’m not listening to Internet Radio, I’m jamming to some podcasts or music I’ve downloaded. Nevertheless, Spotify never disappoints me in my quest for new music, and today I found a beautiful track that you really ought to check out.

The track I’m absolutely loving right now is Hackman’s “Agree To Disagree.” With minimal lyrics, this track is a beautiful instrumental exploration of the essence of opposing sounds reaching a mutual plane of existence.

Now, in case you are wondering how I found this track (as well of some of the others below,) it’s all based on a station created to the sounds of Bondax’s “Gold.” So if you want to get into this groove and create, make a new radio based of “Gold” and you’ll get lost in the zone!


Check Out The Awesome New Red Band Trailer for ‘The Last of Us’

The-Last-of-Us-VGA-2012-TrailerJune 14th might feel like it’s really far away, but hey, it’s worth the wait. Why? Because The Last of Us has been serving up great footage that makes you want to wait for this release, and the red band trailer makes it even more awesome!

Check out the trailer below. Doesn’t this game just look amazing? Yes, yes, yes! I must get this!