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Check Out The Awesome New Red Band Trailer for ‘The Last of Us’

The-Last-of-Us-VGA-2012-TrailerJune 14th might feel like it’s really far away, but hey, it’s worth the wait. Why? Because The Last of Us has been serving up great footage that makes you want to wait for this release, and the red band trailer makes it even more awesome!

Check out the trailer below. Doesn’t this game just look amazing? Yes, yes, yes! I must get this!

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Soulful Groovin’ | Mario Basanov – ‘More For The Less’ (feat. Jeremy Glenn) [Video]

8473758517_ec8ba0cf25_zMy Valentine’s Day just got a million times better. No, I didn’t get red roses or a limited edition Wonder Woman statue (that would have been amazing,) but I did get the greatest gift of all…good music!

I love music with a soulful vibe. You know, the type of music that is sultry and you don’t have to dance to…because you just want to relax, sip on some wine, and enjoy the vibe. Well Mario Basanov’s “More For The Less” featuring Jeremy Glenn is one of those songs, and it has the perfect music video to match.

Directed by Luis Delgado & Alejandro Bernal, the video gives Jeremy Glenn the spotlight to blow it out of the park vocally.


The Harlem Shake: Don’t Fight The Craze, Embrace It [Videos] x [Original Video]

Harlem-ShakeThe Harlem Shake craze is getting strong…very strong. It might just be as popular as the “Shit Girls Say” video craze last year. Remember, everyone and their mama was making videos of “Shit [Insert Group of People] Say.” Well, with that phase dead (for now), the next big thing is getting a group of folks together and recreating the original Harlem Shake viral video.

Now, if you haven’t seen the video, then you truly must be anti-web culture or perhaps living under a rock. About a week ago, this guy on YouTube got together with his friends and made a viral video to Baauer’s hit song, “Harlem Shake.” Basically, he has a mask on and is dancing, while his buddies are calm and slightly bouncing. Then when the beat drops they all wild out and just dance like maniacs. It’s pretty awesome.

Yes, the original is awesome…but the viral videos of this internet meme are quite impressive! Everyone is gathering their friends and doing The Harlem Shake. Heck, I need to get my buddies together and film one just because!

Check out some of the videos below. T-Pain even put together a video. The Best Week Ever did one and even Skryim does the Harlem ShakeI’m telling y’all, this trend isn’t going to die anytime soon. I give it a lifespan of a month, maybe 2 months…or longer!


Roisin Murphy Finally Releases a Beautiful Abstract Video for ‘Simulation’


Roisin Murphy fans, stand up and shout in excitement! Roisin Murphy is back with a beautifully abstract new music video her infectious single, “Simulation.”

Now, you might recall the track came out last year, but she has finally released an innovative, avant-garde music video that captures the moments of simulation.

Watch the video…now! It’s about time she came out with a video and I’m loving every millisecond of it. This video is sheer creativity and it captures the haunting allure of Roisin’s voice.


Berlin Night-Drive | Catz ‘n Dogz – ‘Starlight’ (feat. James Yuill) [Official Video]



Kick off your late-night drive with the new video “Starlight” by Catz ‘n Dogz. 

The video takes us on a chill drive through the streets of Berlin and the sounds are the ultimate remedy for relaxation. No drugs necessary, just vibe to the slow-mo grooves of “Starlight.”


Culture x Lifestyle x Music | Bakery Boys – Prologue #002 ‘Light Work’ [Music Video]

424385_420706504671875_1283131796_nYou might recall in Fall 2012 I spent quite a bit of time sharing with you music from the UK, especially by The Thirst and my new favorite musical collective, Bakery Boys. Hailing from London, the Bakery Boys know how to seamlessly create music that reflects culture and lifestyle. Back in Fall 2012 they teamed up with Recognise The Movement (RTM) to share their visuals with the world, and now they have followed up with Prologue #002 – “Light Work.”

To truly get a sense of the Bakery Boys, you should watch RTM’s creative video called “Prologue #001.” Whether you watch it now or later, you still should totally watch it, as well as the new video called “Light Work.”

“In this second installment of Prologue #002 ‘Light Work’, Bakery Boys present their latest exclusive track, teaming up with Recognise The Movement to create tailored visuals contrasted against animations by Jack Brown.”

“Light Work” is a free download alongside a deluxe digital booklet: bakeryboys.co.uk/freedownload.

Bakery Boys (Dirty Dre, Shack & Ace Boogie), a fashion, art, and music collective from South London, have got the swag, the lyrics, and the creativity that makes for good music. I fell in love with their music from day one and I actually hope to one day see one of their shows live in the UK. But y’all know I love supporting good music, so I had to show some US love to the Bakery Boys and Recognise The Movement. Big props to all of you, keep the creativity alive! :)