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Toddla T Presents ‘Girls Music Radio Show 36’

Stepping aside from the normal, I’m posting a variety of grime, UK bass, reggae, dancehall, and a handful of UK selects from Toddla T’s radio show, Girl Music. 

With a guest mix from Chimpo, this is a solid mix that will add some excitement to your Sunday.

Certified Awesome | SecondCity – ‘I Wanna Feel’


Second City’s “I Wanna Feel” is a massively wiicked, hands down certified awesome tune!

For sure? For sure for sure.

I heard this track a few weeks back at Eighteenth Street Lounge, and I went crazy! I was housing it up, had a little circle going, and was just in the zone jacking my body (jack yo body!)

This track is also featured in Sam Divine’s Defected Radio takeover, so if she featured it, then you know it’s the truth. That girls knows her house!

Loosely classified as a “garage house” track, the piano and the heavy bass are what make this track so damn good! On top of that pulsating bass, you’ve got these sexy vocals saying ” I Wanna Feel.”

Yes baby, I wanna feel…house me all night long! ;)

Check out the official music video below.

Trust me, you’re going to want to dance…like RIGHT NOW!

Funky House | Moonwalk – ‘Miami Hell’ [Free D/L]


This track might not make you want to get down, but it is certainly a funky house track that you can groove to. :)

Check out Moonwalk’s “Miami Hell” and download for free now:

Pure Magic | The Magician – ‘Magic Tape 38’


My morning got off to a rough start (woke up feeling like $h*t), but thanks to this delicious new Magic Tape from The Magician, I’m walking on cloud nine now!

That’s right folks, The Magician has released Magic Tape 38 in his monthly Magic Tape series. Each month he releases a house x electronica mix, but this is the last mix of the year, so don’t miss out!

As usual, there isn’t a tracklist since The Magician likes to keep his mixing tricks a secret, but luckily soundcloud users always chime in with track ids.

So give the mix a listen, download it, and see if you can unravel the mystery behind this superb mix. :)

Previous Magic Tapes:


Love Disco | Les Loups – ‘Out Of Sight (Ft. Moona)’


Clearly an ode to the disco era and the sensational 80s synths, Les Loups have returned with a brand new single “Out Of Sight” featuring Moona. 

Living on the slower side of BPM, this is a sexy nu disco aka love disco track that Les Loups is giving away as a free download.

Give it a spin below and head over to soundcloud to find out about downloading this love disco track for free. :)

And if you’ve never gotten “hip” to the music of Les Loups, then check out some of their other French Touch and Disco House tracks x remixes. It’s all good stuff!

My favorite:

Time-Lapse | Wyoming Wildscapes II

Even though it took fourteen months to bring this time-lapse video to life, filmmaker/photographer  has finally finished his “Wyoming Wildscapes II” project.

I’ve been to almost all of the states on my numerous cross-country road trips, but Wyoming is one I’ve yet to visit. And if I knew it had this much beautiful nature worth photographing, I would have been on the first flight there! Okay, probably not, but you get my point.

The scenery is majestic and I’m sure it’s worth seeing in person!

But luckily, we’ve got this great time-lapse to show us all the changes, lightening, snow, and happenings in the Wyoming wildscapes.