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Certified Awesome | Disclosure x Friend Within – ‘The Mechanism’

Okay, it’s official. Starting next weekend, I’m going out every single Friday (or Saturday or both nights) for the next few months and getting my overdue fair share of house music!

And after dancing my ass off 3x to Disclosure’s infectious new single, “The Mechanism,” I need to get to a dancefloor ASAP!

Featuring Friend Within, this wiicked new track screams Disclosure! It’s got that fusion of house & UK bass that I love, and it’s that unique sound that makes the production duo such an international sensation!

“The Mechanism” is an edgy banger that will prompt you to shake that ass, bop your head, and get on down…especially when that churning bass drops!

The Mechanism

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Stanton Warriors - Mirrors HI RES

Classic Edit | Mighty Dub Katz – ‘Just Another Groove (Stanton Warriors Re Bounce)’

The track about is one of my favorite classic house cuts from Mighty Dub Katz. If you’re a true fan of house music, dance music, and anything in between, then you’ve probably have heard it sampled before. It’s truly a classic jam (in my opinion.)

And as far as classic goes, they are bound to be edited, mashed up, remixed, and basically changed around.

But if you’re looking to just get down and dance, then you should check out Stanton Warriors “Re Bounce” of “Just Another Groove.”

Served up as a free download, this edit is a fast-paced progressive house track that has a really good drop. And after that beat drops, you’ll just want to pump your fist, stomp your feet, and get on down to the beat.

Go ahead, give it a spin. Oh, and it’s a free download. :)

Just Another Groove (Stanton Warriors Re-Bounce)

Want some more bass?

Then check this out:

Stanton Warriors Beer Bass Mix


#Lazysunday | Jazz x Bass – Liquid DNB Mix

Good morning/afternoon/evening, wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re having a great time. :)

Normally on the weekends I don’t get to do much blogging, and this weekend I had such an amazing time hanging out in DC with a sexy Latin fella. ;) From U Street Music Hall to dancing to reggae vibes at Tropicalia to hookah at Gazuza, this was surely an awesome weekend of many more to come.

But now that the weekend is almost over, graduate work is calling my name…so here I am, sitting inside, listening to jazz & bass, and trying to get work done.

In the midst of searching for a mix to listen to, as well as obsessing over the fact Rachelle Ferrell will be in concert this upcoming weekend, I stumbled upon this snazzy, oh so jazzy, liquid DNB mix.

Full of pianos, bass, percussion rifts, and all those #lazysunday vibes, this mix has all the momentum I need to get my coursework done.

And if you’re not in a time crunch to finish school work, then not only are you lucky, but you can totally zone out and enjoy this mix in pure peace…

Go Ahead, Get Jazzed

Kenny Hectyc

House Music | Awesome Free Downloads From Kenny Hectyc


Sometimes the best things in life aren’t free (I wish they were,) but when it comes to the world of house music, there are is a lot of free (really good) music out there. :)

Truly, all #fortheloveofhouse, UK-based producer/remixer/DJ, Kenny Hectyc, has released some free downloads of his popular house remixes & edits.

While many producers often release free music, sometime’s it’s not always the best. But trust me, Kenny Hectyc knows what the hell is doing; he’s a great remixer/producer!

This guy has been producing since the age of 15 and according to his bio, he “is now a resident DJ at the award-winning Thirst Club/Bar in Plymouth, UK.” Pretty cool, right?

Free House Music!

So whether you like it deep, jacking, bass, or perhaps a little dancey electro vibe, check out some delicious free music below.


Certified Awesome | MK – Radio 1 Essential Mix (02.08.14)

MK Essential MixI know it’s only Tuesday, but if you really want to kick things off & guarantee an awesome week, then get hype to MK’s 2-hour Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. 

With an adept ability to fuse his classic (perhaps iconic) house sound with current dance trends, this mix contains a lot of MK’s unreleased/released remixes.

Of course, this mix features his biggest remix of 2013 — Storm Queen “Look Right Through” – but you’ll also hear some MK remixes of Disclosure, Sia, Hot Natured, Le Youth, and a handful of other artists.

In the span of 2 hours, you’ll hear a range of jacking house, deep house, dance music, classic house, and even a little UK bass.

Out of all the mixes I heard this so far this month, I highly recommend this one. It’s a wiicked good remix that you should totally download and enjoy over, over, and over again (on repeat, you’ll get 6+ hours of house.) :)

Essential Mix – BBC Radio 1

Tracklist: www.electronic-battle-weapons.com/?p=36832

Gorgon City

Monster Bass | Kiesza – ‘Hideaway (Gorgon City Remix)’

Kiesza Hideaway Gorgon City Remix Upon discovering the infectious electro house single “Hideaway” from Canadian-born singer, Kiesza, I’ve been hooked!

“Hideaway” is one of those tracks that you can’t help but to love, and you surely owe it to yourself (and Kiesza) to play it on REPEAT.

But if you’re still not satisfied and crave more Kiesza, then get hype to Gorgon City’s “monster” bass remix.

Slowing the BPM down a bit, the British bass duo, Gorgon City, have added some heavy bass vibes to “Hideaway.” While the vocals are still the driving force of this single, that monster bass touch gives the track an ultra-edgy vibe.

While the original is still my favorite, this is a solid official remix that will be out March 23rd on NYC-based label, Lokal Legend.

Gorgon City Remix

More Monster Bass