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Moduloktopus Final Free DL Remix [Grab It Now]


Dominican producer Moduloktopus has had a phenomenal year of incredible free remixes of some great electronic cuts, but now he is taking a new direction in 2014 with a focus on original releases and official remixes.

In celebration of his new direction, Moduloktopus has released his last free download of 2013.

With a massive bass attack, Moduloktopus has taken Clifflight’s “Smokeshow” to new levels.

Listen and download now!


#TBT | Head Over To My Tumblr For A Handful Of Randomness


Guess what time it is? It’s Thursday, so that means it’s all about #TBT or #throwbackthursdays (either hashtag works.) So in celebration of feeling nostalgic, head over to my Tumblr to take a trip into randomness.

From Streets of Rage to River City Ransome to Powerpuff Girls and Jem, I’ve got a lot of awesome things posted over there.

 So don’t delay, head there now!!!

Tyra Banks Photo Tribute To The Fiercest Supermodels In The Biz!


In celebration of #NYFW, the lovely Tyra Banks has “transformed” into her favorite supermodels.

Check out the deets from Tyra’s Twitter:

Sultry Seduction | Tensnake ft. Fiora – ’58 BPM’ [VIDEO]


It’s hump day! Beat the boredom, get a little sexy, and zone out to the sultry seduction of Tensnake’s latest single “58 BPM” featuring Fiora. 

The official video for the slow-moving jam were released earlier this week and the video is sheer perfection! The visuals feature abstract hazes that give us glimpses of a sexy couple touching, kissing, and doing all the things that lovers do. ;)

Watch the official video below. How could you resist the temptation of this sexy late-night jam?

Deep Haus | NIM – ‘Spacey Stacey’ x ‘Civilized Lies’


Today I present you with some snazzy deep haus by NIM, a producer who brings music to us from Croatia.

On the deep house side, NIM gives us a track called “Spacey Stacey.” I’m know a guy named Stacey and if he was in space, this track would totally describe his quirky, yet profound deep personality. But either way you look at it, NIM’s “Spacey Stacey” is a groove track that definitely gets my support. :)

Spacey Stacey

Civilized Lies

Moving away from the deep side, “Civilized Lies” is a edgy electro house track that is sort of spacey, and worthy of some robotic shuffling. Give it a spin below.


Back In The Day | Cannonfist Dangerfield – ‘Custom BMX’

I’m all about supporting music within the EDM family, as well as other genres (but mainly EDM.) So whenever you’ve got something jazzy, housey, electro, hip-hop (not commercialized bs,) and anything else, feel free to Tweet it to me @thinksoul25 or send to me via email. 

So in the spirit of sharing good music and giving artists and producers a hub to have their music heard, I present you with some old school synth vibes from Cannonfist Dangerfield, a Dublin, Ireland-based producer. Check it out below!

Cannonfist Dangerfield – Custom BMX