Pure Bliss | Shy Girls – ‘When I Say I Love U (Saux Remix)’


As of late I’ve been reflecting on the first time I fell in love and that incredible euphoric state of exploration of the heart, mind, body, and soul. Man, it’s so powerful…and it’s amazing how feelings like that never die.

It’s true, you never really forget your first love. Even if almost a decade has passed, they still haunt your dreams and tug at your heart. Continue reading “Pure Bliss | Shy Girls – ‘When I Say I Love U (Saux Remix)’”


Future Bass | Alluxe – ‘Rytmus’ [Official Video]


Every weeknight at 3am EST, MTV airs Clubland, an hour-long show featuring electronic dance music videos. Normally, being the night owl that I am, I’m up to watch it, but when I miss it I can easily catch it the next day on my DVR.

Well, earlier this week I happened to catch it and fell in love with this futuristic bass music video by an artist named Alluxe. Continue reading “Future Bass | Alluxe – ‘Rytmus’ [Official Video]”