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Strictly House | VA – Talking House Vol.1 (LTH001D) 2013


Stockholm-based record label Local Talk recently released a bangin’ new EP that is strictly for the house headz. If you like house, wait no, If you love house, then you need to check out Talking House Vol.1.

The EP has a great selection of tracks that were selected by Mad Mats + Tooli. Now if this is your first time getting down with house, then you need to listen to Fubert’s track, “First Time House.” It has a pure house vibe that is reminiscent of the classics.

For those of you who like your bass hard, raw, and hard (emphasis on hard,) then you’ll like DJ Steaw’s track “Sky Hunt.

The EP has a lot of great tracks, so you owe it to yourself to give them all a listen. But if you’re feeling moody, then jam out to the sounds of Dirtytwos “Moody (Original Mix.)”

My favorites: “Moody,” “Heart Attack,””MAW Basics (Gerd’s NY Stomp Mix)”

Tribalism | The Other Tribe – ‘Sing With Your Feet’

Haha, I have found it! Okay, I didn’t exactly “find it,” because implies that I went on a search for it. I usually will go on a drastic hunt for songs I hear, but this time I didn’t do that.

So how did it happen? Well I ran across a track that I fell in love with while jamming to The Magician’s Magic Tape 27. He had a lot of good magical tracks in that mix, and a few of them were old-new favorites, while others I had never heard of.

One of the tracks I fell in love with was this great tribal tune that had a world music feel infused with beautiful percussion. But I had no idea who it was by! Yet, after reading some blogs today, I learned that the tribal track is by The Other Tribe and it’s called “Sing With Your Feet.”

“Sing With Your Feet” may sound like weird name for a song, but it’s an eclectic message from the Aztecs that is used to represent dancing. Apparently, their isn’t an Aztec word for dancing, so you must “Sing With Your Feet.” Pretty cool, right?


House | Select Tracks from Nicolas Matar ‘Cielo: Sunrise’ EP

Now that I’m finally 21 and actually have reliable transportation, I can finally start getting out to D.C. and Baltimore for a lot of house music events. I shouldn’t be missing any more Deep Sugar nights at the Paradox, because now I can actually drive to Baltimore instead of having to freak out and attempt to find a ride.

I’m looking forward to going to Deep Sugar next weekend, but this weekend I’m going to check out this house event in D.C. called Motions. This is my first time hearing about it, but I’m going to check it out Saturday night and see what it’s all about. You know that I’m a house junkie, so whenever there is house playing, I try to be there.

Typically I find good house on iTunes podcasts and soundcloud, but the other day Music Choice actually played a really nice house mix by Nicolas Matar. I’ve listened to Nicolas Matar’s Cielo:Paradise EP in the past, and I truly loved his ability to mix together deep house, nu-house, jazz, and a little afro house.

Nicolas Matar’s Cielo: Paradise was quite a compilation, and that same vibe of seamless house can be found on his latest release, Cielo: Sunrise. It wasn’t until listening to Music Choice’s Dance/Electronica channel that I heard some delightful tracks off Nicolas Matar’s EP, and I knew that I immediately had to blog about it.

The CD contains some delightful house mixes, so I thought it would be cool to show y’all some of my favorite tracks from the EP. Have a listen below.

Deniz Kurtel feat JADA – “The L Word” (Guy Gerber’s Countryside Remix)

I really like this track, especially because it’s got this nice organic vibe and the lyrics are beautiful too. You can never go wrong when talking about love.

DJ T. featuring Cari Golden – “City Life” (Maceo Plex Remix)

Um, Maceo Plex remix. Need I say more? Golden.

Parker_Pooley – “Feel the Same”

Let’s go a little deeper.

Layo & Bushwacka – “Summer Gone”

A little more ethnic, hints of tribal. Nice track!

Steffi – “Sadness”


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