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UK Bass | Wayward – ‘Marvin (VIP Remix)’

Wayward’s “Marvin” came out awhile ago, but now the tropical track has received the UK Bass touch with a VIP Remix.

The track still has the soulful Motown vocals, but now it’s got more of a definitive bass sound that is quite popular in the UK scene.

Check out the track below. It’s the B-Side of Wayward’s forthcoming release “Love Jones/Marvin,” which will be out next week on Aesop.

OUT NOW | Sebb Aston – Love Somebody Else EP [Love Not Money Records]


First off and foremost, I must give a huge shout-out to Sebb Aston and congratulate him for signing to Love Not Money Records. You go boy!!! Haha, okay, now let’s get down to business.

As the latest signee to Love Not Money Records, a UK-based deep house label, Sebb Aston kicks things off with his brand new EP Love Somebody Else.  

If you loved the deep vibes of his last EP, then you’re going to truly enjoy the romantic deep house sounds of his track “Love Somebody Else.” It’s an infectious track that has a unique bass pattern, melodic dreamy riffs, and some sexy vocals riddling in the background.

The original “Love Somebody Else” has already gained support from BBC Radio 1, Amine Edge, Grant Nelson, James Silk, and many more.  There is even a delightful remix Luke Pompey. Be sure to check out his Tab of Acid Mix.

Following up the hit single “Love Somebody Else,” the EP features three other deep house tracks. “Together Tonight” has an upbeat rhythm that is worthy of some ass shaking on the dance floor. And if you want to keep it soulful, but still get deep, then you’ll want to groove to the sounds of “Nobody.”

Closing out the EP, we’ve got a heavy bass banger called “In Love With You.” This is a sexy pulsating track that I must say is truly certified awesome. If there was any track to bring the EP to a close, I’d say “In Love With You” was a superb choice!

Overall, Sebb Aston’s debut EP on Love Not Money Records get’s a 5 star rating from ThinkSoul25. Great job Sebb! Keep the house music alive. :)

Buy Now!




Experimental Vibes | Check Out New Music from Bibio [Updated w/Music Video]

UPDATE! New video for “À tout à l’heure” is here!

bibio-bannerIt’s a Sunday afternoon and I find myself sitting here pondering the next steps I’m going to take in life. Heavy topics, heavy thoughts, but they must coexist within the framework of my mind. And when I’m having these moments of uncertain madness, I like to get lost in the experimental vibes of artists such as Bibio (and of course, Bonobo.)

My timing in search of some experimental sounds is just right, considering that Bibio is working on a forthcoming album Silver Wilkinson and has released two new tracks. The first track, “You” is a beautiful experimentation of organic rhythms infused with hip hop riffs. The second track, “À tout à l’heure,” takes the sounds to the direction of a romantic countryside escape infused with cultural percussions.

Give both of them a listen and be sure to read the note Bibio wrote and posted on his tumblr.


Groove to MK and Bondax’s Beautiful Remixes of Indie Duo Rhye’s Hit Single – ‘Open’

While jamming to MK’s latest Defected in the House Mix, I immediately was hypnotized by this track with haunting vocals; vocals that steal your soul for a few moments. Luckily, iTunes Defected in the House podcast shows the track listing while you’re listening, so I was able to quickly identify the track called “Open” by Rhye.

Have you heard of Rhye? If not, then get in the know. They are a Los Angeles-based indie duo and their track “Open” is a beautiful serenade that takes you there. The original is quite a musical experience, but the remix by MK is surely a house favorite.

Along with the remix by MK, Bondax has also give the track a chill remix. Both of the vibes from MK and Bondax are lovely, so I must say I’m madly in love with both; one is for dancing, the other is for cruising.

Give the house touch by MK a listen, close your eyes and drift away with Bondax’s remix, and while you’re at it, watch the original video for Rhye’s “Open” below.

MK Remix

Bondax Remix

Original Video

♥ | Fred Everything – ‘Mercyless’ ft. Wayne Tennant

imagesEver just hear a track that speaks to you on so many levels? I’m talking about the type of music that just carries your soul to another world, the euphoric beats compel you to take action and reflect on the things of the past, the visions of the future.

One track that I fell in love recently is an older release by Fred Everything. The track is titled “Mercyless” and it features the vocals of Wayne Tennant. 

It was originally released April 28th, 2009, but I heard it on Spotify a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with this soulful house ballad. I just love the atmospheric progression of the chords and the soulful vocals of Tennant describe the brief tell of someone who is just so mercyless; no feelings whatsoever.

We’ve all had those times in our lives in which we’ve been “mercyless” and especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

TEED Drops a Certified Awesome Remix of FOALS’ Hit Single, ‘My Number’

8383083647_ed445e0d64_zI don’t only jam to house, I rock to everything! And I’m a huge fan of indie music. Their is something so riveting about discovering indie music with pure musicianship, and as of late, a group named Foals from the UK have caught my attention.

Foals new album, Holy Fire is set to be released next month and their indie track, “My Number,” is simply amazing. But Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) took the track to new heights with his brand new remix of the track. All I can say is wow, certified amazing! Is there anything Oxford based producer Orlando Higginbottom aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs can’t do? His originals x remixes never disappoint! 

Peep the remix x original track below.