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Love Disco | Les Loups – ‘Out Of Sight (Ft. Moona)’


Clearly an ode to the disco era and the sensational 80s synths, Les Loups have returned with a brand new single “Out Of Sight” featuring Moona. 

Living on the slower side of BPM, this is a sexy nu disco aka love disco track that Les Loups is giving away as a free download.

Give it a spin below and head over to soundcloud to find out about downloading this love disco track for free. :)

And if you’ve never gotten “hip” to the music of Les Loups, then check out some of their other French Touch and Disco House tracks x remixes. It’s all good stuff!

My favorite:

Disco House | Jazzy Eyewear – “The Renaissance(Les Loups’ 1979 Remix)”

It seems like I devote each day to a genre of music, or at least a specific subdivision within the genre of house. If I’m not listening to some aspect of house, then perhaps I’m having a classic rock day, a 90s hip-hop/r&b day, or I’m lost in a zone of jazz, d&b, or electropop. In actuality, those are just a few of the numerous genres of listen to, but those are the main ones that I devote an allotted time.

Out of everything I bless my ears with, the sounds of house are always being heard 24/7. Even if it’s only for an hour or two, I just couldn’t go a day without house music. But sometimes I’m craving more than just deep house or soulful house, sometimes I need to hear the sounds of french house & disco house. So when I went on my YouTube search for some disco house, I was quite happy when I ran across Les Loups and their remix of Jazzy Eyewear’s “The Renaissance.”

The track was released in 2011, but it’s such a timeless track. The Les Loups’ 1979 Remix honestly feels as though you’ve stepped into a time machine, and you’re transplanted back to the days of disco nights & disco fever. And if I did have a time machine, I’d totally want to step back into the days of disco fever & experience the evolution of disco, as well as the sounds of house. That would have been such an amazing experience, but sadly I’m just a 91′ baby with an old soul.

So I never got to experience those disco nights, but it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them now.Hmm…sounds like I’ve got a mission to find some spots that have disco nights. Or I’ll just make some money in the next few years, and start hosting my own retro nights. Now that sounds pretty awesome! Let me grab my idea book. But for now, I’m going to just enjoy listening to Jazzy Eyewear “The Renaissance (Les Loups’ 1979 Remix)” over & over again. Such a good track!

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