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Save $$$ | Rent Your Textbooks & Plant a Tree

Remember the days in middle school & high school when your teacher would assign you a textbook for the entire semester/year? It would usually be during that first or second day of class. The teacher would show up with a pile of books (sometimes a cart) and would go over how precious the books were. Some teachers would even have a contract you’d have to sign, and if you broke that contract then you would be in big trouble; it was literally life or death if anything happened to that book.

Ah, I used to love those days. I didn’t have to worry about spending cash on a textbook. The only thing I’d probably have to buy is a book cover to protect it, but even that could easily be made out of a brown paper bag or newspaper (creative & cheap.) Being a middle school & high school student wasn’t as expensive as college, but of course college is often the path you need to take in order to get a good career making decent money (college isn’t everything, but it sure does help.)

As a college student in my senior year, I can’t even begin to tell you how much money I’ve spent on textbooks. During my underclassmen days I probably spent well over $500 a semester on textbooks online, and that was just textbooks I bought used on Amazon.com & other websites. Luckily I always had a little bit left over from tuition, but sometimes the money did come out of my parents pocket. But those are trials of the past. Thanks to Chegg.com I’ve been able to save hundreds of dollars on cheap textbooks  and in the end simply return the books I really didn’t want in the first place.

There is nothing worse than having spent a bunch of money on textbooks, and in the end not being able to sale back the books for a decent price. Ah man, I’ve been mad so many times when I found out a new edition of a textbook has come out, which essentially decreases the value of the book I had bought for more than $80. But with Chegg.com I’m able to rent my textbooks, and at the end of the semester ship them back for free in the adorable orange Chegg box.

If you’ve never rented your textbooks before, then I’m telling you it’s awesome! For instance, this semester each of my textbooks cost about $60 or more for a used copy on Amazon.com. My technical report writing book was $167 used on Amazon.com & new for about $200. But with Chegg.com I was able to rent each of my books for about $30 and save almost $205.

Not only did I save money, but I also helped plant a tree. Yes, I helped a tree get planted somewhere in the US. I’ve actually planted a tree when I was in elementary school.We did a project in which we all got in groups and planted a medium size tree which would grow to full size as the years progressed. I never went back to see if that tree grew very tall, but it was such an amazing project to be apart of. Since I haven’t planted any trees since then or done anything with Habitat for Humanity, it feels nice knowing I saved money; Chegg.com worked with American Forests to plant a tree.

Every time you buy a book with Chegg.com, they plant a tree. So you’re actually helping the environment. Not only does planting a tree help the biodiversity of forests, but renting textbooks also limits the amount of paper used to reprint books. So if your goal was to be more “green” in 2012, then consider renting your textbooks and helping the environment by allowing Chegg.com to plant a textbook either in the US or World (you get to choose either one after checkout.)

Don’t go spend thousands of dollars on books you might not ever read again. Save money, rent textbooks, and a plant a tree!

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Earth’s Biggest Selection

Ah, today I woke up to the sweet sound of the UPS truck halting in front of my house. I quickly threw on some clothes and rushed downstairs as if it was Christmas morning. Indeed, it felt like Christmas. The only difference between Christmas and this morning was the fact I already knew what was in the packages.

This is the second time this week the UPS man has visited our house, I’m surprised he doesn’t know our names by heart. The UPS guy and the FedEx guy come to my house about every other week, sometimes every other day. For the past few months my family and I have got settled back into East Coast life and fell back in love with all the stores we couldn’t find in Colorado. H&M isn’t in Colorado, so I’m so happy to be back home in Maryland and able to shop at H&M, that store rocks!

I love spending hours shopping for home decor, books, clothes, and electronics, but sometimes the selection can feel so limiting. The thing that frustrates me the most is the costs of books at Barnes & Noble. My family and I are a bunch of book lovers but the cost of books in store is expensive. Luckily we stumbled upon a book lovers paradise,we discovered the Earth’s Biggest Selection, Amazon.com.

Amazon.com is literally the Earth’s biggest selection of all the goodies that make life worth living. Their collection is so massive, that the only slogan they could use was “Earth’s Biggest Selection.” Anything you are looking for can most likely be discovered on Amazon.com. I have no shame in admitting that I’m an avid online shopper and yes, I do have an Amazon.com store card. I actually just got it a few days ago because I desperately needed all my textbooks and my school refund won’t come for a few weeks. Since I’m in my last year of college, I had to buy so many English textbooks and also a geology book for a science class I have to take. That book alone was about $140 at the bookstore but on Amazon.com I was able to get it used for $98. I still have two more textbooks to buy but I’m waiting until I find out from my teacher exactly what edition. The good thing is I can just get them off Amazon.com and still save a lot of money compared to those ghastly college bookstore prices.

I love Amazon.com! It’s the perfect solution for us hard working college students that can’t afford to dish out a lot of cash on those expensive textbooks. The great thing about Amazon.com is the Prime member services, which my mom signed up for a year ago and added me to the account. Being a Prime member gets you free 2-day shipping on a lot of items and ends up being more reasonable. Now, sometimes it ends up being expensive but it really depends on the item. Why pay 5.99 for a book and then 3.99 for standard shipping (usually 7-14days,) when I can just pay $10.99 and have free 2-day shipping, it makes sense to go with the $10.99.

Amazon.com saves so much time when it comes to finding those specific items. I actually bought my bed frame off there a few weeks ago for just $109 and was eligible for free shipping since I’m a Prime member. So cool! I don’t use Amazon.com for everything I need to get, but I do find it’s helpful in finding specific home decor items, books, electronics, and other items that might not tickle your fancy in a retail environment.

The best thing about Amazon.com Prime member benefits is the unlimited free access to over thousands of movies and television shows. Even though Prime membership costs $79 per year, you end up getting all these awesome benefits, receiving your items quicker, and saving a bunch of money on those annoying shipping costs. It’s great for the frugal individual, which I guess you could say I am. I’m not one to shy away from dropping money on something I really like, but if I can get something of great value and at a lower price, then I’ll go for it.

Online shopping is so fun and can slightly addicting, so be careful! You know you’re addicted when you  can’t go a day without online shopping. I can go a long time without shopping on Amazon.com, but I do use it quite often. Lately I’ve had a lot of books to get and we had a $250 Amazon gift card from Comcast, so I saw the UPS man a lot in the past 2 weeks. I mainly use Amazon.com to buy textbooks, occasional electronics, all types of books, and some home decor items. My other favorite online store is Zappos.com, it is my number one source for finding women’s shoes that are size 12. I just bout my Adidas Marathon running shoes about a month ago on Zappos.com and they are awesome! Between Amazon.com and Zappos.com, I always love that overwhelming feeling I get when the UPS or FedEx man drops off a package.

It is truly like Christmas, except the presents are coming from Santa. The presents come from the Earth’s Biggest Selection and I’m surprised it hasn’t ran the “Santa folklore” out of business yet. Next time a kid opens up a gift on Christmas and ask where it’s from, parents should smile and say “Amazon.”

©Jasmine McGee