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4+ Minutes of Zombies, Intrigue, and the Awesomeness That Truly is “The Walking Dead”

Season 3 trailer for The Walking Dead…need I even say more?

Seriously, its 4+ minutes of zombies, the amazing character tension/intrigue that makes the show a hit, and just the total awesomeness that truly is The Walking Dead.

Watch the trailer! I sat in complete silence and watched it a few times. So much intrigue!

Ah, can’t wait! October needs to hurry up and get here.

Riveting Surrealism + Socio-Political Commentary | Short Film ‘I, Pet Goat II’

I must officially declare that I, Pet Goat II is the best animated short film I’ve ever seen. Never in my life have I been so intellectually and emotionally drawn to an animated short film, but I, Pet Goat II is a film that beckons for your complete attention. Don’t even dare attempting to multi-task while watching this film, because you will miss out on some powerful symbols that evoke theoretical thought and the abstract reality of “the fire at the heart of suffering.”

As I aforementioned, the film takes a look at “the fire at the heart of suffering.”  I, Pet Goat II truly captures some of the defining moments that shape our history, as well as socio-political messages that deserve hours of intense intellectual conversation. I could try to breakdown every aspect of the film’s message, but I’ll leave that up to y’all.

Many folks out there are dissecting this video and breaking down each symbol, but Andrew S. Allen over at Short of the Week sums it up best. He said,

“I, Pet Goat II is a difficult film to dissect, but I’ll give it a try. First, the story is less of a narrative and more like an interpretive dance of modern travesties—America’s war on terror, religious fundamentalism, militarianism in Aftrica, totalitarianism in China, and exploitation all over the world (some of which may seem a little heavy-handed to us Americans). It’s packed with loaded symbols used to remix pop culture into a new mythology complete with surreal landscapes and zany characters.”

The short filmed is by a new Canadian animation studio Heliofant  and it just proves that surrealism isn’t dead, it’s alive…and packed with riveting socio-political commentary.

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Awesomesauce | The Avengers 1978 Movie Promo [1952 Trailer + 2012 Trailer]

Dude and dudettes, I’m super stoked for the May 4th release of The Avengers. OMFG, I can’t wait!!! I’m just looking forward to seeing my favorite characters, especially Thor, Iron Man, and Hulk kick some major ass. It’s probably going to be such an epic movie, that I might have to see it twice (I saw X-Men First Class 3 times.)

I know I’m not the only geek out there that is almost drooling everyone they see the trailers and TV spots, so I’m glad to know that someone decided to have a little bit of fun and make a The Avengers ’78 Movie Promo.

The trailer is oh so old school. It’s weird to watch this fake trailer for a movie that was never made, then to go watch the high-def and super badass trailers for the upcoming The Avengers. But I surely have to say I enjoyed watching the genius editing and mashup work of The Avengers ’78 Movie Promo. Plus, I used to love watching Hulk and seeing him telling Mr. McGee “don’t make me angry.” Since my last name is McGee, I used to always crack up at that line.

Oh, and there is also a trailer for what The Avengers would look like if the movie was made back in the 50s. Haha, weird right? Yeah, I couldn’t wrap my head around that, but it still cool to watch.

Check out Earth’s Mightiest Heroes below and see what they would look like in the 70s, 50s, and of course just because I’m super stoked, I’m going to post the 2012 trailer. Such a geek!




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Awesomesauce | BioWare’s New Live-Action Trailer for Mass Effect 3

Yesterday, I probably spent a good 4 hours playing Mass Effect 2. Since my brother is moving, I was able to get his 47in television and swap out my 36in to my parents room. So it’s pretty awesome playing video games on a large TV (even though I wish I had his 5o in, but I don’t think he’ll be giving me that one anytime soon.)

Not only is it fun playing games on it, but watching The Walking Dead was pretty sweet. Last night’s episode was, as usual, spectacular! Rick definitely put Shane in his place, and it was amazing seeing them trying that new knife tactic to kill zombies up close. I’m surprised I didn’t end up having zombie dreams, but instead I went to bed obsessing over the new Mass Effect 3 Live-Action trailer that was shown during the commercial break.

I had no idea they were going to be showing a new trailer, but BioWare decided to tease us even more, and give us a nice live-action trailer that gets us thinking about the game, when it releases, and what if earth was ever facing an invasion. I mean if you thought BioWare was already creating buzz with the Mass Effect 3 space launches, then they just decide to create more anticipation with the launch of a new trailer.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the new live-action trailer, then check it out below. It’s quite amazing to see them render a live-action version of the game, and it just makes me even more excited for the March 6th release. Oh, the excitement!

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Take Earth Back | The Official Mass Effect 3 Cinematic Trailer

Ever since Friday night, I had spent the entire weekend ranting & raving about my excitement upon two things: The Walking Dead new episode which aired last night, and the world premiere of the new Mass Effect 3 trailer which would show during the commercial break. It was just too much excitement for me to handle, but I think I behaved myself very well. Yes, I did walk around the house like a little kid yelling and shouting my sentiments on how awesome Mass Effect is in general, and how much I can’t stand Shane on The Walking Dead. But at least I didn’t call up all my guy friends and engage in hour-long video game talks (I was too tired for all that.)

So, The Walking Dead was surely an awesome episode last night (duh, it’s always great.) But the best moment of last night was that simply stunning cinematic trailer for Mass Effect 3. Us gamers had been teased with a hint of the trailer on Wednesday, but it wasn’t until last night that we got to experience the full trailer with a run time of 2 minutes & 3 seconds. I was a little disappointed BioWare just teased us with a piece of the trailer earlier in the week, but I was extremely happy to have that early access to the Mass Effect 3 demo. If you haven’t played it yet, then totally go download it!

I was literally glued to the TV the entire hour while the new episode of The Walking Dead premiered, and when the ME3 trailer premiered, I think I lost all the sensation in my nerve endings; I went completely numb. I had no idea that I could ever be so excited for a game, but apparently Mass Effect 3 has this insane pull on me. I could probably ascertain that is has something to do with my love for sci-fi (I stayed up till 2am finishing the second book in Ultimate HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.)

So, I basically love sci-fi/futuristic themes, even a hint of fantasy doesn’t bother me. The entire Mass Effect series has such a powerful story line, and the RPG elements infused with action make it such amazing game. It’s the best of both worlds! I had already beat Mass Effect 2 (never finished one on my first Xbox 360,) on my current Xbox 360, but it’s at my brother’s house. So I decided to buy it on Ps3 and play it over again in order to be ready for Mass Effect 3.  I’m almost done with the story and all the side missions, so I should be ready for March 6th launch of Mass Effect 3.

If you missed The Walking Dead last night & the world premiere of the Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back trailer, then watch the cinematic trailer below. It’s truly a mindblowing trailer that Mass Effect fans will surely enjoy. Dude, we’ve got to “Take Earth Back!” Haha, seriously, I’m uber stoked! It’s hard to be disappointed with this trailer, unless your just an ultimate hater (a lot of those on Twitter last night.) Either way, watch the trailer and see how awesome it is for your own eye. It’s pretty spectacular, right?! Okay, let me stop before the ranting begins….

So for now, I’ll keep enjoying the coverage of this upcoming game, and I’ll try to keep my geeky ranting to a bare minimum. :)

P.S. You totally need should watch the trailer in HD. It’s even more stunning when watching it at 1080p.

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Yeah, I Said It | Sh*t Girls Say Ep. 2 & Sh*t Black Guys/Girls Say

I’m actually attempting to start going to bed a lot earlier in 2012 in order to preserve my sanity and have more time to create in the day, but I can’t help but get caught up creating & browsing the Web well after midnight. I’ve got some really cool blogs I enjoy reading, and I’m always finding some cool new music or comedy on YouTube.

Right now I’m trying to get ready to go to bed, but I’m procrastinating. Ah, I know, I know. I totally should just shut off my Macbook and go to sleep, but I’m waiting for my Sleepytime tea to cool down. Usually I’d sip on Nighty Night Tea (yeah, it’s actually called that) but I’m laying on my bed right now laughing at the latest episodes of Shit Girls Say. Not too long ago I did a post on the first episode, which you can read by clicking here.

But they came out with two more episodes, and I just found out about them. People have done some spin offs like Shit Black Girls Say & Shit Black Guys Say, and they were hilarious! As a Black girl, I can really relate to those ones as well. But then of course you’ve got a lot of people out there who were offended by the portrayal, but dude get over it. It’s just a joke. It’s humorous. People try to act all proper & socially/politically correct, but sometimes you’ve got to just chill out and take a good laugh. I mean as a Black woman I wasn’t offended because we say some priceless stuff. Out of all the videos I can honestly say I really relate to the Shit Black Girls Say, and since I hang out with mainly Black guys, I can say that the video for Shit Black Guys say is on point! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard a Black dude say some of the lines in that video. LOL, too funny!

All the videos are hilarious, but apparently  the original Shit Girls Say has much more content to work with so I’m sure these videos will keep rolling in within the next few weeks. But maybe there will be another installment in the Shit Black Guys/Girls Say videos. But for now enjoy the hilarious tweets by @shitgirlssay & watch episode 2 and 3 (well that one totally sucked, so I’m not posting it.) It just wasn’t as funny as the 1st and 2nd episode. They should just stick to the quick cuts and phrases, not one long drawn out conversation that is lame. But let me stop ranting and critiquing it.  If you’re a female, then most likely you can relate to Shit Girls Say. It’s hilarious, witty, & oh so true. Every time I watch the episodes I’m like “OMFG, I totally say that!”

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