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Think.Believe.Inspire | Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss


I wrote this quite some time ago, but as grad school quickly approaches and I embark on a new career path in graphic design, this piece of literature has been speaking to me daily.

Out of all the works by Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! has always inspired me to move forward in life and to forge new paths. Even though I know at some roads I’ll fall, I still have to keep moving forward and embark on this journey of ambition that will take me to great places.

So, I leave you with a heavy dosage of witty wisdom from Dr. Seuss. :)

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M83 Debut Official Visuals for ‘Steve McQueen’

M83’s critically acclaimed album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, was released quite awhile ago, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the music video contest for “Steve McQueen.”

Maybe you where wondering what took so long for a video to be released for the song, well then if you were curious as why it took so long, M83 had to wait for a winner to be chosen from the competition in partnership with Genero TV. And you’d think that maybe only a few folks would submit videos, but that wasn’t the case. M83 and Genero TV had to select from 126 user-submitted music videos. Wow, that is a lot of talent!

Click here to watch some of the unofficial music videos.  And once you’ve done that, you’ll probably be curious which lucky video creator won first place and £3,000. So let’s stop the suspense! The winner is a video directed by Balthazar Auxietre & Sylvain Derosne. The video has officially been chosen to be the official music video for M83’s “Steve McQueen” and you can watch the video and all it’s glory below.

Hercules!….The Legendary Journey’s

Have you forgotten about Hercules? The legendary bad ass Mamma Jamma who kind of just aimlessly walked around places while kicking ass, taking names, and helping others? Remember him please. He was great. Any regular sized man who uppercuts a giant into unconsciousness has to be great! I wish I could do that. So do you. In a way we all want to be Hercules, and I base that off of absolutely nothing. Still I will stick by it, because…well why not?

Recently  “The Hub” television channel has began to reair the old Hercules shows of the 1990’s. It was a simpler time. Tupac was fresh out of jail California dreamin and watching hoochies screamin, cell phones were bigger than your hand and let’s face it kind of silly, and fashion, well fashion was going through an unfortunate phase. At least for me. I was an awkward boy. This was the time Hercules graced the screen, gave the world a weird sexy glance, and made kids want to beat up hordes of people with sword sticks. So it was a pretty good time. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I’ve been watching every single episode since it’s been on air again, and I’ve been literally watching it like a giddy school girl! Nostalgia is a powerful thing. I still laugh at the corny jokes, enjoy the atrociously slow fight scenes, and do the Mortal Kombat Scorpion victory pose after every episode. I’m still hooked! I forgot how much I still enjoy a simple good guy vs. bad guy story. I thought I was spoiled by all that sci fi, nuanced, shades of grey stuff, but I’m not! And that’s awesome.

I was a kid when this show first came on the air. I was literally hooked as soon as I saw a giant being punched in the face. I never saw a giant get punched in the face so this was a bonus for me. I enjoyed the little bits of morality played throughout episodes. They didn’t make the Hercules character a kick ass, murder brutally, take names perhaps later type of character. He was actually thoughtful and even cared about his enemies, always trying to find an alternative to fighting. Think about if you had power close enough to a god. I’m pretty sure most of us would just kick annoying peoples heads off for fun. Not Hercules. He was a man among men, a “with great power comes great responsibility” dude. He was the best!

I thought Kevin Sorbo was perfect for the role. Granted, I don’t think he fit the mold of what a Hercules type would actually look like, but he fit perfectly for the type of Hercules made for the show. He was a big guy with sizable muscles that seemed like the nicest guy in the world. You like Herc. You wanted to be his friend and go on adventures with him, because he’s Hercules! You know you’d be fine. If a legion of men came after you he would just throw a tree at them! Only Mutants and Superheroes could say the same thing, and their hair is certainly not as nice so screw them!

Hercules graced the television screen in the era of horrific computer graphics. So yea he does fight a lot of weird cartoony, clunky, goofy looking creatures, but that’s okay! I’m a fan of good graphics but it’s never been the be all of television viewing for me. I just like a good or fun story! My mind can manage the rest, and Hercules is fun! It’s good, nice, clean fun. So grab up your little ones, find soft places to sit, pop some of that corn I know you love, perhaps pour a carbonated beverage or two, and watch this super duper fantastic legendary show!!

Spoonboy or required listening for the radical middle class generation of today

David “spoonboy” Combs is a singer-songwriter activist from DC. He’s a member of the DIY punk band ‘The Max Levine Ensemble’ also located in DC, but I’m writing this to discuss his solo music. It’s catchy folk punk that covers a wide variety of topics like feminism, parental issues, religion from an atheists view point, the failing US economy, bullying, and how kids are learning too much from TV sitcoms. In a nutshell he’s very political, but that’s why I love his music. Our generation doesn’t have enough protest music while our country is arguably worse now then back when Bob Dylan and Neil Young were telling it how it was.

Spoonboy has a very nasally and high pitched voice that might turn you off from listening. Thats a huge mistake though because the messages are incredible and the songs are awesome sing alongs. His albums are all Do-it-yourself as I mentioned before so the quality is a little lo-fi. But do you trust polished up punk records? They usually suck if you couldn’t tell what I was getting at.

The music goes against THE MAN, THE SYSTEM, & THE MAN’S FRIENDS. It encourages you to educate yourself on issues that matter and to protest for what you think is right. Standing up for your beliefs is the important lesson, don’t conform to what you hate, & be FREE!

“We are all the victims of a culture that describes happiness in economics – Spoonboy”. That’s a line from the song ‘Gerald Lee Palmer’ and was my planned high school senior quote until my school scrapped that tradition. It really describes my generation and how they all want to be rich and famous. We can’t help it, we were raised to want that. It’s pathetic and seeing it pointed out so perfectly in a single song line really touched me.

Go download his albums now because they are all FREE. You’ll listen to one of them some day and know why I’m ranting. If your in the DC area go see him or his band one day, it’s a great show and will probably only cost you $10 to get in. If you’re not from DC don’t worry, he always tours!

Check out the music and download it by googling spoonboy or the max Levine ensemble. Have fun!

“The Newsroom” Season Finale

Aaron Sorkins new hit HBO series ‘The Newsroom’ is having its first season finale air on Sunday and it made me reflect on this show I’ve been watching for 2 months. It’s very awkward, almost to a cringe level for me and the characters get into extremely long opinionated rants all the time. It’s very liberal in its poltical message even though Will is a moderate Republican (which he points out…a lot). He just enjoys bashing the Tea Party (who doesn’t) and bringing REAL news to the masses. The show is news from the last 2 years told in a way that the REAL news should of reported it. That’s the premise of the entire show with a couple love triangles spiced in for drama.

Some of the cast and the acting are great but the story has so many cliches that the plot becomes predictable. If ”fuck” wasn’t said a couple times an episode I would doubt this was HBO.

I guess it’s the rants and political message that make this show popular. I know Will’s rant in the first episode is what had me coming back. It’s also funny seeing Republicans get roasted in a different setting than ‘The Daily Show’.

This show has potential in future seasons but some of the characters in this show really piss me off a lot and like I stated earlier, the plot is really predictable and there really is nothing special about this show.

In conclusion the show is kinda entertaining. But not a must watch program like HBO is known to produce.

New Trailer for Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Shows Us that “You Can’t Be Half Gangster”

Normally I’m the only one in my household that is immune to starting a tv series, then getting lost in the midst of life and looking up six months later and realizing the season has ended. I’m usually not that person. If I start a television series, then I watch every single episode religiously and make sure my DVR is set to record.

But apparently, my mom and dad actually caught me by surprised and watched almost every single episode of Boardwalk Empire. Each week they watched new episodes, and somehow I messed the memo. So what does that mean? Well I barely watched the second season and I’ve seen bits and pieces of the first season. But after seeing the new trailer for Boardwalk Empire season 3, I find myself watching all of season one, then I plan on watching season two so I can be all caught up.

Have you seen the trailer? Man, oh man, it’s awesome! Slow-motion face-off and of course, the winner is Nucky Thompson. He’s so gangster and effortless, which is why he is such an amazing character I’ve seen in a series to date (along with John Hamm of Mad Men.) And the trailer reminds us what the show is all about, the art of being a gangster. And “you can’t be half a gangster.”

And honestly, I’m just a huge fan of the 1920s all the way up to the 1940s. I’m a sucker for period pieces, so the style of Boardwalk Empire catches my eye. Of course I love the fact that the show is actually inspired by some events during the prohibition days, so it’s great to watch the drama unfold.

I surely won’t be missing any episodes of season three.