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Indie Funk | SKOGSRÅ – ‘Now You See Me’

artworks-000066080545-txngd7-t500x500I started off the morning with some funky new vibes from Canadian-duo Chromeo featuring the vocals of Toro y Moi, but now I’ve got some indie funk from Sweden. That’s right, music from somewhere in Sweden. Continue reading Indie Funk | SKOGSRÅ – ‘Now You See Me’

Now, That’s Electropop Done Right | Lo-Fi-Fnk [Videos]

In the Spring time, nearing summer, I’m always listening to a lot of electropop. There is something so flirtatiously fun about blasting an electropop track and laying outside reading or taking a nice stroll that just brings a smile on my face. I like music that urges you to unleash your inhibitions, and to just feel like you can twirl, jump around, dance, and shout at the top of your lungs how madly in love you are.

I’ve got quite a few artists I listen to when it comes to finding the right electropop soundtrack for the day, but as of late I’ve really been enjoying the sounds of Sweden’s electropop duo Lo-Fi-Fnk. The duo has been around for the past few years, but I recently heard a few of their tracks on Pandora. As you can tell, I lovePandora, so I’m going to be posting a lot of music I run across. :)

Lo-Fi-Fnk has this really cool electropop sound, and it isn’t really 80s inspired. If I want 80s inspired electropop, then I’ll listen to Futurecop!, Anoraak, and Kamp! I’ve already got my collection of 80s electropop, but Lo-Fi-Fnk brings forth such an awesome vibe that makes you want to get up and dance. Their music is so funky, yet still uber pop!

Their latest track “Kissing Taste” is a really good track that gives you a sense of their music, but you should also check out “Marchin’ In,” and their debut track from 2006 called “Wake Up.”

If you’re looking for some good Spring/Summer tunes, then you really should check out the sounds of Lo-Fi-Fnk. They have so many electropop/synthpop songs that I have fallen in love with.They’ve got some great music, amazing lyrics, and their music videos are avant-garde. Check out some of their work below!

Marchin’ In

Want U

Awesome video! Don’t think it’s the official, but it’s so cool!

Shut The World Out

Kissing Taste


Last Summer-en kärlekshistoria (A Swedish Love Story)

Wake Up

Their debut single in 2006

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Infinity List | POC Excursion & Rider of the Year

You may recall last week I wrote two posts that were geared towards extreme sports enthusiasts, as well as film lovers who enjoy excellent cinematography. One of the post was Infinity List | Are You Ready to Experience Freedom? The other post was this amazing slow motion video about freerunning/parkour and the title of that post was Tru Freedom | The Beauty of Slow Mo Freerunning.

Each post featured a different extreme sport, but both of the videos came from Infinity List, an amazing website that features the best in the cinematic sports experience. Since I’ve written those two posts, I have been checking out Infinity List every single day. The amount of videos they have on the site is insane! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another video is submitted that is pure awesomesauce.

So the latest dosage of awesomesauce comes from two videos that profile two different extreme sports. POC Bike Excursion is a film about BMX riders Danny MacAskill, Martin Söderström and Daniel Dhers as they defy possibilities & BMX in some unique locations throughout Sweden. I’ve seen some amazing BMX tricks before, but the beauty of the surroundings and the creativity are what make POC Bike Excursion an innovative video.

The other video, Rider of the Year Preview II is about whitewater kayaking. Now, when I say kayaking I don’t just mean riding down a river with violent water. The type of whitewater kayaking I’m talking about is uber extreme, I mean kayaking off waterfalls extreme. Yes, waterfalls. Super dangerous, but amazing to watch! But in order to be in the running for the Rider of the Yearaward, you have to do some pretty amazing stunts to impress the judges.

Now there is no way I’d ever attempt either of those sports, but I thoroughly enjoy watching the videos. Both videos have some stunning cinematic footage and a great soundtrack. Maybe your not a fan of extreme sports, but if you love great cinematography & editing, then be sure to watch both of the videos below. They are pretty radical!

Era – Ameno
Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

01 Awolnation – Magalithic Symphony
02 Awolnation – Sail

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