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Awesomesauce | The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview (VIDEO)

February is right around the corner, and you know what that marks? The return of The Walking Dead season 4!

If you tuned in last season, then you are well aware of the war between the governor and the group, and how it all came to an explosive end resulting in Rick & Carl heading off into the woods…on their own.

Well, this preview for the upcoming season shows us a little bit of the psychological trauma that has been caused, as well as some footage of what makes this show great, ruthless survival.

Will everyone survive?

Find out in the premiere, which airs Sun., Feb. 9 at 9/8c.

P.S. If you haven’t read The Walking Dead Compendium: Part One, I highly recommend you get it via Amazon. Great read! I need to purchase Part Two.

The Walking Dead

Awesomesauce | ‘The Walking Dead’ Michonne Resin Statue [Pre-Order Today!]

The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows and it should be yours too. How could you not join the bandwagon of epic zombie killing, complex characters, and the ultimate struggle to survive? The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on AMC, and one of the coolest characters is Michonne.

Without a question of a doubt, Michonne is legit! She does her thing with the swords and shows no mercy when it comes to zombie slashing. Watching her kill zombies is truly like a new art form of swordsmanship, and I do hope that Rick decides to let her stay around this season.

michonne_resin_statue_2In celebration of her awesomeness and the new season (which premiered last night), McFarlane Toys is selling only 1500 pieces of a truly limited-edition Michonne Resin Statue. 

The statue, which is hand-signed by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, is a disgustingly (which I’m totally digging) epic depiction of Michonne killing two zombies. I could sit here and describe it, but my words can’t even do the picture justice; check out the pictures below!

Oh, and if you’re wondering the price. It’s $295. Not in my budget right now, but it’s still pretty awesome to at least look at! Collectors, start your frenzy now. Pre-order here. 





4+ Minutes of Zombies, Intrigue, and the Awesomeness That Truly is “The Walking Dead”

Season 3 trailer for The Walking Dead…need I even say more?

Seriously, its 4+ minutes of zombies, the amazing character tension/intrigue that makes the show a hit, and just the total awesomeness that truly is The Walking Dead.

Watch the trailer! I sat in complete silence and watched it a few times. So much intrigue!

Ah, can’t wait! October needs to hurry up and get here.

National Geographic | Doomsday Preppers

***Before I start this post, let me remind you that today is the official strike against SOPA. So if you noticed a lot of you’re favorites sites are blacked out (including the wordpress homepage) it’s a strike against SOPA and they bill they are trying to pass; passing the bill will restrict some of our freedom expression on sites such as YouTube, so stand up, make noise, and pass this information along. Tweet it, Facebook it, and keep talking about it. They can’t just pass such a strict bill that eliminates our favorite websites and ways of interacting with the world. http://sopastrike.com/ ***

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the strike, lets dig into this doomsday prepping business! So basically in the fall National Geographic aired a documentary called Doomsday Preppers. The doc followed four families who had altered their lifestyle completely in order to prepare for impending disaster which is supposed to take place in the year 2012 (you know, the world is “supposedly” going to end this year…)

I understand the concept of being prepared for a disaster (at least we’ve always made sure to have canned goods, water, etc,) but I couldn’t imagine altering my lifestyle in order to be well prepared. I’d prefer to just live for the moment, and only plan ahead for my career goals and direction I’d like to take. We don’t really know if the world is going to end in 2012. Perhaps the Mayan’s did really run out of space on the stone calendar, which could explain why it stops at 2012. Or maybe the “carving the calendar” skill wasn’t passed down to an apprentice, so the guy who did all the work died before he could finish it or make another stone with the rest of the years. Who really knows what happens? The Mayans aren’t around, so guess giving them a call or writing a letter wouldn’t work…

I prefer not to over analyze it and think about the possibility of disaster in 2012; I have other issues to worry about, life itself can be tough some days. But there are avid doomsday preppers out there who take extreme measures to be ready for anything that takes place. I mean, maybe it would actually be a good idea to have a gas mask in the house just in case something toxic ever got released in the air, but I wouldn’t want to spend every waking moment of my day rehearsing for disaster. I just don’t have it in me, so I can honestly say I actually kind of respect these doomsday preppers for being so committed to the cause. It’s not for me, but hey it works for them.

The documentary only followed four families, but a quick YouTube search of “doomsday preppers” or “survivalist” quickly results in hundreds of videos across the nation & world of people (all races, this isn’t just something that is limited to one race/group of people) that are preparing for disaster. With so much disaster talk and horror/thriller films that often shed light on a major catastrophe that could take place, you can see why people would want to be prepared. I’m not going to lie, the thought of a disaster such as a viral infection spreading or some time of permanent blackout has crossed my mind, but I haven’t changed my lifestyle in order to be ready. I just know that we always have the basic essentials in the house, and in case of an emergency I would be able to survive for at least a week or two.ster

That’s good enough for me. Because if a disaster/virus/zombie attack happened that was on a major level like I Am Legend or The Walking Dead, then I wouldn’t want to be the only person left behind that is “normal.” Even if I was with a group of survivors that hadn’t been bitten/infected (The Walking Dead,) then I still wouldn’t want to survive for such a long time. IDK, it would be crazy toimagine living like that. I mean if I had to survive then I’m sure I would figure it out along the way, and learn from mistakes as each day comes. But I would never be as prepared as the doomsday preppers, I’m just not that committed. But my question is, are you committed? Would you actually change your entire lifestyle right now in order to prepare for a disaster taking place in 2012? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please chime in.

While you’re sitting their contemplating disaster or what could happen, you should watch the Doomsday Preppers documentary. I saw a series advertised for it on National Geographic the other day; new episodes following survivalists will be airing February 7th. I look forward to watching the show, and possibly taking some notes for surviving (or just eating popcorn, and enjoying the frantic preparation.) But if you can’t want till February to learn more about survivalist, then watch the documentary on YouTube. All four parts have been uploaded, so check out part one below.

Oh, and check out this hilarious disaster guideline I got from cracked.com. Pretty funny! Click on the picture below for larger view. And here is a list someone made for the 73 best disaster movies. I seen most of them, so it’s a good list!


How to Survive a Global Disaster

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Rise of the Zombies: Dead Island Trailer Part 2

I’m not a huge horror movie/game fanatic, but I’ve always found the concept of zombies interesting. I’ve studied the Haitian origin of zombies and have heard of cases in which people have come back from the dead in a hypnotized state of consciousness. The concept of zombies is a folklore that has been around since the early days of West African Voodoo and Haitian Voodoo, but the spiritual elements behind the belief have been lost in the mainstream popular fascination with zombies.

The idea of a zombie apocalypse taking place and running for your life is a theory that is intriguing and fun to play with. I usually go out on dates and ask a guy “So what would you do if a zombie apocalypse took place?” I don’t like to ask the typical questions, so the questions I ask are usually outside the box and are a reflection of my geeky yet artsy personality. The answers I get seem to very between the “Shaun of the Dead” approach of going to the pub or I get answers that involve leaving the area and finding refuge, sort of like in the awesome film “Zombieland.” I would take the approach of finding refuge, but it depends on the type of zombies. If it’s the fast moving raging kind like in the movie “28 Days Later“, then I would lock myself up in a building and try to radio or Facebook for help.

We all know from watching different movies and playing Resident Evil, that there are different types of zombies.  I get sick of those movies and games that only contain one type of zombie, either the ones that move slow, the fast ones, or the super strong ones that can rip you apart. The Ps3 game Dead Nation is one of those few zombie games that has different types of zombies, sort of like Left 4 Dead. You’ve got the slow ones, the super fast ones, the fat ones that spit out nasty acid, and you’ve got super gigantic steroid rage zombies that take half your life with one hit. If you happen to be one of the zombie game fanatics, then you know the difference between a Charger, Hunter, Spitter, Jockey, Tank, Witch, Boomer, and Smoker.

The Left 4 Dead series is one of my favorite zombie games to play, but Dead Nation proved to be a great shoot em up game as well. The game was apart of Sony’s “Welcome Back” initiative, a packaged used to remind us Sony owners why we enjoy being devoted Sony fans. I was mad at Sony for having us offline for so long, but after watching E3 and seeing the new PS Vita and other cool gadgets from Sony’s 3D technology, I was quickly reminded why I play my PS3 more than my 360. I play my Ps3 more than my 360 and I’ve already pre-ordered Battlefield 3 for my Ps3.

There are so many great games coming out this year, but I’m looking forward to Dead Island the most. It’s action/RPG elements are components that a lot of zombies games lack. It’s either all hack and slash or mundane strategy that lacks the necessary zombie blood and guts all over the screen. I haven’t seen any new zombie movies in awhile, but the rise of zombies in video games is becoming a personal favorite of mine. I’m excited about Dead Island because of it’s RPG elements combined with the shooting, cutting, punching, and all the other defensive attributes that make up action.

It would suck if somehow a zombie apocalypse ever happened in real life (highly doubt that it would), but it’s fun to dabble in imagination and play a game that immerses you in a world filled with rabid zombies. The second trailer for Dead Island was released a few days ago and it shows the outbreak of zombies taking place. One seemingly pleasant vacation and a rapper’s fun filled evening with sexy women, music, and dancing, quickly turns into a nightmare the next morning. It appears that somebody had a little too much to drink, but his hangover is quickly fading as zombies attack him.

Check out the second trailer for the anticipated zombie action/RPG game Dead Island. If zombies did ever attack, I’d hate to be trapped on such a beautiful yet deadly island.

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Dead Island Finally Shows Us Some Gameplay!

The first trailer for Dead Island, hands down the best trailer of 2011.

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about a new zombie game coming out called Dead Island. The trailer above was the first introduction to the game and it made gamers anxious for information. We began asking questions concerning it’s release date, platforms, and what actual gameplay looked like. We weren’t give much information, especially considering that the game has been in works for 5 years and finally has a publisher.

With E3 right around the corner and so many great new games coming out, Techland has released a new gameplay video for those gamers anxious to get their hands on this zombie frenzy. This game goes beyond Left 4 Dead, a game where you can spend hours slashing away at zombies with your friends. Dead Island is about truly surviving, gaining skills, and even playing co-op with your friend through the actual story mode. The game looks promising and the graphics are pretty good for a zombie game on a tropical island.

Check out the game play footage below and stayed tuned for more concerning this game. I’m looking forward to playing it and seeing what else they will showcase at E3. So many good games coming out this year and so many good movies coming out this summer, I can’t wait!! For now I’ll just have to deal with the Youtube teasers and trailers, it’s better than nothing!