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G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser


Amine Edge isn’t the only one keeping the G-House movement alive. With an affinity for all things house and that urban hip-hop vibe, The Beatangers are making gangsta moves with their new EP, Get Up Everybody.

Get Up Everybody is their first release on Kolombo’s LouLou Records and you too can be all gangsta when this release drops on December 12th (only a few days away!)

This is a wiicked good release and I’m totally giving it my full support. It’s got that old school hip-hop sound with that banging bass and house music arrangement. If you are a house music who digs hip-hop, then you’ll like, better yet, you’ll love this release. Continue reading G-House | The Beatangers – ‘Get Up Everybody’ EP Teaser

Deep House x Disco | WATCH Bondax’s Live Set for MixMag’s DJ Lab

64451_493187834069140_469384428_nThere isn’t a day that goes by and I’m not listening to house. It’s the anthem of my life…the soundtrack of my soul. I’m constantly searching for new music, new mixes, and falling in love with new songs (which is why it’s hard to pick a favorite.)

But there is nothing I love more than some deep and disco house sets. So when I found out that Bondax did a live disco and house set for MixMag’s DJ Lab, I knew I was bond for some groovy, oh-so sexy delish tunes.

One word: Modjo. That’s right, they even through in a sexy mix of Modjo’s “Lady, Tonight.” Along with that sexy mix, this entire set is certified awesome!

Listen x WATCH the amazing set below. The UK-based house production have earned a spot in my heart; this mix is golden!

Peace, Love, & House Music.

Soulful House | Frankie Knuckles pres. Director’s Cut feat. Sybil – ‘Let Yourself Go’ (the Remixes)

206950_largeIt’s hump day, so get over the hump with some soulful house from Frankie Knuckles pres. Directors Cut. Featuring the vocals of Sybil, this soulful track titled “Let Yourself Go” is exudes love, peace, happiness, and house. :)

The original mix is ultra soulful, but the Joey Negro remix gives it a disco-house sound..and you know I love me some disco house!

Check out the preview from Nocturnal Groove.


♥ | Fred Everything – ‘Mercyless’ ft. Wayne Tennant

imagesEver just hear a track that speaks to you on so many levels? I’m talking about the type of music that just carries your soul to another world, the euphoric beats compel you to take action and reflect on the things of the past, the visions of the future.

One track that I fell in love recently is an older release by Fred Everything. The track is titled “Mercyless” and it features the vocals of Wayne Tennant. 

It was originally released April 28th, 2009, but I heard it on Spotify a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with this soulful house ballad. I just love the atmospheric progression of the chords and the soulful vocals of Tennant describe the brief tell of someone who is just so mercyless; no feelings whatsoever.

We’ve all had those times in our lives in which we’ve been “mercyless” and especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Gangsta House | Amine Edge & DANCE @ Exploited Label Party – Wilde Renate, Berlin x More Sets!

I just love the pulsating gritty bass of deep house infused with a raw edgy hip-hop vibe, except without out the commercialized lyrics and lame idioms. Harsh? Yeah, but y’all know I don’t really vibe with the hip-hop of today, unless it’s real original, has a classic vibe, or is grime. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like hip-hop and the atmosphere, but I prefer it infused with house. So basically, I love Gangsta House. 

I had never heard of G House until this summer in DC when I saw The Juan Maclean live and he played this amazing track by the French duo, Amine Edge & Dance. The song I heard was called “Going to Heaven with the Goodies Goodies” and it’s such a dope song that will put you on game with Gangsta House.

Since following in love with that sub-genre of house over the summer, I’ve been following Amine Edge & Dance, which are basically two guys from France; Amine Edge was strictly House, Dance was strictly hip-hop. So the two came together and became the gurus of Gangsta House in the French scene, and now they pump out dope mixes and original tracks. So badass!

Now I’ll admit I went crazy on the dancefloor when I heard “Going To Heaven with the Goodie Goodies,” but Amine Edge & Dance’s mix @ Exploited Label Party in Wilde Renate in Berlin has given me an eargasm! It’s so eargasmic, gangsta, sexy, raw, and deep…just how I like it. Oh, and it’s a free download, so I’ve had the pleasure of listening to it twice so far. Should I listen to it again? Hmmm, hell yeah! It’s worth multiple eargasms. ;)

And here is the other set that starts off with the track I loved from above.It’s got nasty lyrics, sex appeal, and a slow morphing bass. It’s good, real good.


Funky x Soulful House | DJ Pablo Escobud @ Loi Lay w Marco Loco (Space, Ibiza)

I’ve had a Twitter account for quite some time, but it wasn’t until last year that I began to really use it. At first it seemed like yet another annoying social media site in, in which users broadcast nonsense (who doesn’t?) But after realizing the power Twitter had in connecting me with DJs and producers that are entrenched in my favorite genre of music — house.

I love it when DJs and Producers send me their original tracks, live sets, and remixes, so when DJ Pablo Escobud sent me his livemix from Funky House @ Loi Lay in Koh Phangan, Thailand, I was ecstatic to check it out.

DJ Pablo Escobud may be originally from Britain, but he’s held residency in Koh Phangan for 15+years and has become sort of a “big deal” in the house scene there. So what makes him stand out so much in the scene? Well DJ Pablo Escobud brings forth a vibrant fusion of funky + soulful house. 

His sets are not for the lighthearted who want to stand on the wall. Nope. If you’re listening to one of his mixes, you’re going to wanna dance it out, make it sexy, and even sway with your drink and add a little footwork.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, house music in Koh Phangan, Thailand? I’ll admit, I never heard of that city in Thailand, but after doing some research and checking out the music of DJ Pablo Escobud, it seems like he is truly a pioneer of the underground house scene in his region.

He’s made quite a name for himself in the scene there, and he’s just moved back to the city he loves to spend the next six months playing host to plenty of parties in Koh Phangan. So what does that mean for those of us who live elsewhere? Well that just means we will get to hopefully hear more of his live mixes on soundcloud and groove to the soulful and funky house of DJ Pablo Escobud.