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Strictly Rhythm: The Foundations of Classic House

Strictly Rhythm is a legendary New York record label that is known for pioneering some of the best house music in the world. This record label has been around since 1989 and has pumped out fierce classics that will make you “jack your body.” Almost every major essential house artist has put out an album, a mix, or a track that was affiliated with Strictly Rhythm.  Erick Morillo, Todd Terry, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Armand Van Helden, DJ Pierre, Roger Sanchez, Josh Wink, Ultra Naté and Barbara Tucker have all been loyal house members under the Strictly Rhythm label since the early 90s.

Newer artists such as Quentin Harris, Bingo-Players, Chocolate Puma, Osunlade, Bob Sinclar, Dirty South, and Dennis Ferrer have gotten on board with the classic label to produce legendary house tracks. The songs that this label pump out are more than just summer dance anthems, they are songs that become a staple n any house head’s life.

Strictly Rhythm has become an international label, with offices in New York, London, Berlin, and Rome. Not only does this classic label have main Strictly Rhythm label, but they have 20 labels under the Strictly Rhythm Music Group which works with major artists worldwide. People always ask me if there are major house music labels or if it’s just an underground scene. Well my answer is, house is far from being an underground genre, it’s internationally known! Even if you don’t hear it at your local clubs, then your hitting the wrong spots. In the midst of the all the commercial popular music, there are those venue owners dedicated to providing a place for house lovers to feel free…which is why I love the Paradox in Baltimore, especially on the nights of Deep Sugar Party.

If your a house fan or you want to know more about this music called “house”, then be sure to check out the classics and new material from Strictly Rhythm. It’s essential to understand the classic house music in order to have a greater appreciate for new material. Study the music you love and you can have a greater appreciation for it.

Circle Children- Zulu

Logic- The Warning

Aly Us- Follow Me

Erick Morillo-Dancing(A ‘Little’- ‘More’ Dub)

Barbara Tucker- Beautiful People

Ultra Nate- Free (You can catch her live usually at Deep Sugar every month. Ultra Nate is awesome and such a nice person!)

Armand Van Helden- Witch Docktor

Sultans of Swing(Armand Van Helden)- Dance Together (Party Mix)

Bingo Players vs Chocolate Puma- Touch Me

24/7 House Junkie: A Guide to House Vol 1.

I wake up in the morning, I pray to God, get out of bed to stretch, turn on my laptop, and begin blasting house music in my room. This has become a routine for the past eight years, a routine that doesn’t have an end in sight. I barely listen to hip-hop nowadays and when I’m not grooving to jazz or gospel, I’m having a spiritual revolution with house. House is a major part of my life, I may not be a dj or an active musician (retired from the days of playing flute), but I love listening to house when I’m writing, working out, reading, playing video games, or simply laying on my bed and reflecting on life.

Sometimes it’s exhilarating to lay down and reflect on my life while the soulful sounds of house music pump energy into my soul. It’s hard to explain the feeling I get when I listen to house, but it can be equated with a euphoric sensation. It’s like I’m in a relationship with house music, I’m that committed. I don’t bad mouth it, I don’t cheat on it with techno, and I actually take time to learn new things about it on a daily basis. Whether it’s new record labels, new artists, or finding new clubs that play soulful house music and not mindless radio anthems, I’m dedicated to being a full-time house music junkie. Full-time student, full-time writer, and full-time house lover….I like the sound of that!

I’ve been busy with the final weeks of school work and coming up with an explosive yet romantic end to my novel, so I haven’t had much time to blog. Yet I realize that blogging doesn’t just have to be posting rants about life and dating, but it can be a musical experience. A lot of people are intrigued by the sounds of house and always craving more, so I could do my service in the world by passing on the good music I hear. I want the world know about the deep bass, piano chords, angelic vocal riffs, and beautiful musical accents that make you jack your body. All this information I have acquired over the years and continue to learn on daily day thanks to podcasts and Youtube, I want to pass on. So be sure to come back on the regular. I’m going to start showing you who I really am and how the beautiful sounds of house music kiss my soul….


Deeper Shades of House, Deep House Cat, SWEAT Soulful House, Vince K‘s “Deep and Soulful”

Bargrooves      Strictly Rhythm

Tracks On Repeat: The Tracks I Can’t Get Enough Recently. Be prepared to start dancing around the house for hours, these are some dope tracks. Ah I love house music…..it’s so amazing! House Music Junkie 4 Life, 8 years and counting so far!

The song below is actually a new track from Foliage Records, which have some great deep house music on their record label.

Rocco & C. Robert Walker – I Love the Night (Original Mix)

Roland Clark- Deep in House (Jon Silva’s Parapella)

Dj Spen Presents LaShay- All By Myself (MuthaFunkin Vocal Mix)

A Dope track with this amazing house sound, Mosca- Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Danny Krivit- When Can Our Love Begin (Timmy Regisford Mix)

For the disco house lovers, Lisa Millet- Don’t Bring Me Down

I heard this track below on Beach House Podcast.

Dj Le Roi ft. Chappell- Get Ready

Love this song below. I heard it on Ultra Nate’s podcast and omg I love Ultra Nate! She is so cool and her music is dope!

Sonny Fedora- Work

Sandy Rivera & Yasmeen- Love (Original Mix)