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Max Payne 3 | The Art of Bullet Time

As of late, I’ve been playing MW3 and Mass Effect 3 multiplayer a lot. There wasn’t’ really a lot of games that came out this month that have caught my interest, but perhaps that’s because the only game I’ve been following is Max Payne 3.

The game doesn’t come out until next month, but it’s already caught my attention mainly because 1.) amazing graphics 2.) great storyline and 3.) bullet time. This isn’t the first time a game has relied heavily on bullet time (think back to the riveting experience of John Woo’s Strangehold.) That game was pretty cool mainly because of the tactic of slowing time down and letting the player seemingly direct which way the bullets go, especially when surrounded by numerous enemies.

I liked the usage of bullet time, and I’m glad that it’s going to be used in Rockstar Games Max Payne 3. But oh, don’t think bullet time will only be used in the story mode. Yeah, it’s also incorporated into the online multiplayer. Pretty cool, right?

Bullet Time in Story-mode

Bullet Time in Multiplayer

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