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Sam Fisher Is Back! | Splinter Cell: Blacklist [Gameplay Video] + [Trailer]

So many good games were presented at E3 this year. I’m still actively collecting my thoughts on all the games and I’m in the process of at least posting the trailers for the ones worth checking out.

This years convention had a lot of games that impressed many fans, but I will say I was happy to see that Sam Fisher was back. If you don’t know who Sam Fisher is, then perhaps the game Splinter Cell rings a bell. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell happens to be one of my favorite games, mainly due to the innovative system of stealth and ultra cool gadgets. Oh, can’t forget the night vision goggles; Splinter Cell wouldn’t be the same without the night vision goggles. They got rid of the night vision goggles in Splinter Cell: Conviction and opted for sonar goggles, but the developers realized fans disappointment and decided to bring back Sam’s iconic night vision goggles in Blacklist.

In Splinter Cell:Blacklist, Fisher is thrown into the Iran/Iraq territory and is given the tediously dangerous task of tracking down a terrorist. It won’t be easy finding Sam’s target, but he’s equipped with all the necessary skills and gadgets to get the job done. Remember mark & execute from the previous games? Well that system of advanced targeting is back and it looks better than ever!

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist won’t be released until 2013, but the gameplay demo and trailer show a lot of promise for the sixth game in the Splinter Cell franchise.

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