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Starship Frolicking

Doesn’t the word “Starship” sound cool? It just sounds cool doesn’t it? What do you think of when you hear the word? I think Star Trek stuff, because, well Star Trek is the Shiznite as you must know. I’ve written about wanting a starship before, but that’s because I really do. I really want a Starship. Those thing are so cool! Why haven’t we invented one yet? We just have space shuttles. Space shuttles are okay except for the lack of that good oxygen, some gravity, room to break dance, horrid weapons of planetary destruction, and faster than light speeds. I need those things in my life

Could you imagine having your own ship? I can. It would be sleek and beautiful. A pristine construct of architectural perfection. It would have a metallic purplish hue and the shields would make it glow brilliantly. It would be like a bright diamond among those sparkly little star thingies. Of course it would be armed to the teeth and I would be rocking that good leather as is the custom for the rugged handsome Star ship Captain. I’d be a Captain. Don’t ask how I got the rank I would just be the Legendary Captain Ricky Hall. Also don’t ask how I became legendary it just kind of happened. Just take my word for it I’m a trustful person. My second in command would be some weird sage alien lady. Let’s say some sort of neon green girl with hot pink long tentacles. Commander Glieanxuact Gomethatg. Don’t bother pronouncing it. I just typed random letters….In fact try to pronounce it. Whatever you pronounce that’s the name. I’m completely fine with that!

The greatness about Star Ships is what they represent. Exploration, advancement, and hope. These are good things. They are ridiculously powerful and are what allow us to see things we thought we’d never see. Like Klingons! Bumpy headed dudes with horrible teeth who like to hurl sharp objects at you, sing weird songs, curse you out in a language that isn’t real, and all for some reason rock hair styles mostly found in an eighties biker gang. Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want to be caught in an intergalactic war with a hostile reptile alien race who are being lead by immortal liquid creatures who hate you because you have organs? Who doesn’t want that? As long as you have the good Star ship you’ll be fine. That’s how it works! You’ll just ride through that war like a roller coaster ride. Yes you might lose your best friend, or in my case my neon green wise alien sage commander with the cool pink tentacle hair, but you won’t die. You’re the Captain so you get to be sad for awhile, say something inspiring, and save the day with your bad ass Star Ship! Then there’s celebrations, gifts, a hug or two, perhaps a high five, and one of them fancy bravery medals. Of course after that you have to fight another war. Probably Robots. Everybody has to fight robots eventually. Those guys hate everything.

So yea, conclusion, Star ships are awesome. Get one if you can, pick me up and let’s get this adventure thing started!

Awesomesauce | Space Stallions

We all know about Thundercats & Transformers, but what about Space Stallions? I know the title perhaps sounds like a bunch of amazing stallions (well they do ride these robotic looking horses) living in space, but it’s actually the coolest 80s cartoon to ever be invented, but wait…it never actually existed.

The animated cartoon is the latest viral video that has been making it’s rounds throughout the Web. The video is by the students of at the Animation Workshop. The video is basically telling the 80s infused story of four warriors that must fight evil in a distant realm.

The entire vibe of the video screams 80s, and the 80s electropop music just makes it even better. I’m not going to lie, I actually wish Space Stallions was a real cartoon; I’d never miss an episode. I’d grab a bowl of a big bowl of cereal, and would sit in front of the television (I’d even suffer through commercials.)

Maybe this video will keep making a prescene on the web and will catch the attention of a major network. That would be awesome if it could actually get turned into a cartoon, but for now we will have to just enjoy the brief video showcasing the Space Stallions and their 80s-awesomesauce-powers.

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